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Fantasy Baseball Stats: Daily All-Stars from July 21

The stars struck back on Monday, providing some impressive fantasy baseball stats in the process.

The top performer isn’t exactly a star, although I might have to rethink that claim after Monday’s performance.


Daily Fantasy Baseball Stats MVP

Ian Desmond — Washington Nationals

Ian Desmond: July 21


Mr. Desmond hasn’t had a great season for his fantasy owners, but he couldn’t have done much more on Monday. I think it’s safe to say that Coors Field suits him.

While the first three games back were rather pedestrian 1-for-4 performances, Desmond has hit safely in all four games since the All-Star break and has an eight-game hitting streak overall. He may well be getting that bat going a little bit. Another two games in Denver, followed by three in Cincinnati, certainly won’t hurt things.


Daily Fantasy Baseball Stats Honorable Mentions

1. Adam Jones — Baltimore Orioles

Adam Jones: July 21


I have some bad news for Jones’ fantasy owners, especially if you believe in symmetry.

  • Friday: 0-for-3.
  • Saturday: The day’s top star.
  • Sunday: 0-for-4.
  • Monday: The day’s second star.

Tonight, he’s gotta be in for another rough day, right?

I guess we’ll find that out soon enough, although I wouldn’t bet on the symmetry. Jones is one of the game’s best players and if you’re contending with him on the roster, you should hold on tight. If not, maybe try to get him.


2. David Ortiz — Boston Red Sox

David Ortiz: July 21


The Red Sox really exploded and honestly, it wouldn’t have been hard to give Mike Napoli or Stephen Drew this spot, but Big Papi gets the mention today.

I’d like to see Ortiz get that average back up. I know he’s a power hitter and certainly isn’t legging out any infield hits, but he’s too good a hitter to be hovering around .250. Having said that, the 36 HR/111 RBI pace Papi’s currently on will do fantasy owners just fine.


3. Julio Teheran — Atlanta Braves

Julio Teheran: July 21


Something of a backstory here. Last week, I wrote a piece detailing wins vs. quality starts. There was no opinion given, I just wanted to do a little research and let the readers make their own calls. But strangely enough, it found that the pitchers with the most wins are actually slightly better than the ones with the most quality starts. More interesting, the gap between the top winners and the next group was bigger than the one between the talk quality start guys and the next group.

With that said, these are the kind of outings that give people who want the win killed quite a bit of credibility. It is very frustrating to see a pitcher throw this well and not get rewarded.

Teheran was great on Monday, completely dominating the Marlins throughout the game. He made one bad pitch — to Jarrod Saltalamacchia — and lost a win for himself and his fantasy owners. If you want to shake your fist at the air today and complain about the win being used in fantasy baseball, you have my blessing.

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