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Ask Nash: Weighing Positional Needs in Fantasy Trade Evaluation

What’s up Nash,

I am in a 12 team 6×6 roto league with OBP & HOLDS the 6th categories.

I was just offered a trade:

I am leaning toward taking this deal because Fielder has done basically nothing and doesn’t really show any signs of getting it together, plus Desmond can contribute in all categories which I could use help in.

– I do have Everth Cabrera at SS but I can slot Desmond in at UTL.

– I also have Freddie Freeman to play 1B so losing Fielder won’t hurt too much if at all.

Any thoughts, advice etc would be greatly appreciated.


Name Omitted for competitive reasons.

My response was pretty simple to this one considering the players in question slot as UTL guys.  Keep Prince, as I trust him rest of the way to right the ship and be productive. Desmond will bring in more steals, but Prince will get more HRs AND RBI, which are much tougher to come by.

At the time of this writing, they are also both sitting at .226 batting average, weird I know, and if they get up to their career marks, Prince will be much more valuable there, as well.

The lynchpin in all of this is that the manager doesn’t need position specific players, depending on your faith in Everth at SS for the rest of the way. If this manager was certain he could spin off Everth for a decent UTL option such as a Matt Adams or Billy Butler type (whose stock is rising, folks), then I might be more apt to accept this trade.  However without a basic guarantee of that, I would settle for Everth at SS, and keep Prince/Freddie at 1B/UTL.

When making trades only consider position if it is a need, otherwise let the stats do the deciding for you.

  • Prince Fielder is just a more valuable option that Ian Desmond, maybe not by as much as the past couple seasons, but he still is, especially because of where they bat in their respective lineups.
  • Desmond is primarily fifth, with 28 PA’s in the fourth slot, where as Prince is primarily the fourth with 57 PAs in the third spot. This is more important than position in this scenario.

There is a saying Clave likes to live by in fantasy trade evaluation: “Get the best player and figure it out later.”

When a trade comes your way, if you are getting the stud of the group and not giving up anything too significant elsewhere then take it and deal with plugging everyone in later, even if that player creates a log jam.  The best player is typically worth the trouble. However I like to move down a list:

  1. Who is the objective best player (position aside)
  2. How does my roster work with or without this trade?
  3. Best Keeper (if it applies). Even if it does, it should not supercede getting the best player, because you really should always be in win now mode in my opinion, especially this yearly in the year.

Stick to these basic thoughts and you should be able to evaluate most offers fairly quickly.


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