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Ask Nash: Replacement Value of San Diego Padres Pitchers

As you can probably imagine, I have been bombarded with emails about who to replace Patrick Corbin, Kris Medlen, or Jarrod Parker with from the guys that have already had drafts. If you have not had your draft—and don’t know about these guys—avoid drafting them! We won’t be seeing any of them until 2015. If you have drafted and were unfortunate to select any of these three, then help is on the way!

A couple of pitchers jumped  out at me right away, Josh Johnson and Ian Kennedy. They also play in San Diego now together, who knew?  Anyway, it seems like Johnson is locked in during Spring training. His fastball is in the mid 90’s and it appears the surgery to clean up his elbow was a success. Unfortunately Ian Kennedy is not quite as locked in as JJ. So I wouldn’t jump on Kennedy just yet, but he has two more outings this spring to get things right and he is worth a look.

As I looked at the San Diego Padres pitchers a little more I noticed a pretty good stable of pitchers that might give some great value, depending on how the season plays out.

First, there is Robbie Erlin who has been sharp so far this Spring. He may not be in the running for a rotation spot as of right now. But given the struggles of Ian Kennedy AND Eric Stults, Erlin might be a guy to add to your watch list.

Then there are a pair of guys to add if you want to use the MRI strategy until other starters emerge to fill your rotation out with. While Dale Thayer is the main setup guy, Nick Vincent and Alex Torres are the two I’m watching. I like Thayer, don’t get me wrong, but these two other guys had really good 2013 seasons and if they can repeat are going to be terrific additions.

Nick Vincent + Alex Torres, 2013

Nick VIncent46.11133492.140.95
Alex Torres582032621.710.90

These guys combined give you a 9.6 K:9 ratio, as well as 2.7 BB:9 ratio. That’s better than a 3:1 K:B ratio, I doubt you find that from many undrafted pitchers. So this strategy will buy you some time while you search for better options.

Throughout a season guys will spring up, so don’t go into full panic mode just yet. You just need pay attention to who is available on the waiver wire and in free agency.

In your league, there might be better clear-cut options than Josh Johnson, Ian Kennedy or any of the others. The fact is that any of the guys I have mentioned here are almost certain to be available, so it makes for a more helpful read to anyone in any league.

I like to give a broader view for the Ask Nash post, but I always handle each individual email on a case-by-case basis. So when you email me asking for fill in possibilities, shoot me a list of the top 5-10 guys in your leagues free agency. It helps me to help you specifically.

I rarely list guys in these posts that are available in less than half of leagues. It just isn’t worth your time as a reader to hear about Ivan Nova. He might be available to you, but chances are he is not because he is owned in approximately 90% of leagues. So it really wouldn’t help much, and I don’t want you to feel like you have wasted your time, because we Crackerjacks care about our readers!


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