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Fantasy Baseball Mock Draft (According to The Onion)

I can’t promise you you’ll because a better fantasy baseball player from reading this, but it looks like everyone is geared up for fantasy baseball drafts these days, even The Onion! The Onion is “America’s Finest News Source” after all. It’s a claim made right in their tagline.

In their popular satirical way, The Onion created an archetypical mock drafter, who according to them…

devoted a rapidly fleeting portion of his finite life Thursday evening to participating in a mock draft…”

SPOILER(ish) ALERT: I offer two brief comments on the article (other than it’s really funny).

  1. I like the team name they went with in their mini-mocking of fantasy baseball owners.
  2. I don’t buy into their sleeper pick at the end of the article. But I would need to see the imaginary league settings of their fictional mock draft of fake baseball teams owned by not-real-life general managers to properly comment on the pick however.

Read the post in full: Portion Of Finite Life Spent In Mock Fantasy Baseball Draft.

Even though The Onion correctly identified that our time on earth is short, the article is too. It’s also really funny and worth your valuable time.

But do you have an extra two hours on your hands? Then why don’t you get some practice in with an ESPN Mock Draft.

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