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Dear Mr. Fantasy Podcast: March 3, 2014

Chris and the Doctor are back with more fantasy baseball advice with another week of the Dear Mr. Fantasy Podcast. This week, they are joined by Wall St. Jesus, discussing the shortstop position. Click HERE to listen to the show.

They play the always popular “Who’d you Rather?” where they pick between players based on tweets and emails from listeners.

This year’s crop of potential sleepers discussed include:

They also talk about last years over-achievers:

Also discussed are 2013’s under-achievers:

The doctor is also called out by a listener for poor stats research, and the guys respond to more reader emails.

Something to look forward to once the season begins is the “Fantasy Baseball Crackerjack of the Week” segment. There, they will be discussing whether or not a player coming off of a monster week is someone to “hold” or “sell” going forward.

Click HERE to listen to this week’s show.

If you have any fantasy baseball questions about outfielders, the guys will be talking about them next week.

  • Chris can be reached via email at [email protected], or on Twitter @cmcbrien.
  • The doctor can be reached via email at [email protected] or on Twitter @TheFantasyDR.

More information can be found at the Dear Mr. Fantasy Website and their Facebook Page or at the Dear Mr. Fantasy Facebook Discussion Group.

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