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2014 Fantasy Baseball Starting Pitcher Rankings and Projections

Our Crackerjack rankings and projections for the starting pitcher position. Read on and go forth to dominate your fantasy baseball league!

2014 Rankings: Starting Pitching

1. Clayton KershawLAD26230542271802.531.01
2. Adam WainwrightSTL32225402051802.941.10
3. Justin VerlanderDET31235712271803.181.18
4. Cliff LeePHI35215332151403.051.06
5. Yu DarvishTEX27200762561503.191.16
6. Chris SaleCWS25205412161402.991.06
7. Stephen StrasburgWAS25200582311502.891.09
8. Felix HernandezSEA28210492051403.041.14
9. Max ScherzerDET29200562221503.361.16
10. Jose FernandezMIA21185602061102.881.13
11. David PriceTB28200381711403.161.13
12. Madison BumgarnerSF24205551941303.211.17
13. Cole HamelsPHI30215501981303.291.13
14. Matt CainSF29200581671303.131.15
15. Julio TeheranATL23200401761303.441.13
16. Jordan ZimmermannWAS28200381561303.411.16
17. Gerrit ColePIT23190441791203.271.18
18. Kris MedlenATL28195461651303.311.17
19. Zack GreinkeLAD30190491651203.421.22
20. Mike MinorATL26200491781303.601.18
21. Hisashi IwakumaSEA33200491641203.571.21
22. Alex CobbTB26190591671303.231.21
23. Homer BaileyCIN28205521911303.521.21
24. Anibal SanchezDET30190531791403.341.21
25. Doug FisterWAS30200411601303.411.20
26. Gio GonzalezWAS28200781961303.421.25
27. Mat LatosCIN26205591821403.501.24
28. Danny SalazarCLE24160461961203.311.13
29. A.J. BurnettPHI37190651901203.311.24
30. Jake PeavyBOS33150351281103.501.16
31. James ShieldsKC32220611881303.691.25
32. Johnny CuetoCIN28175531401103.541.24
33. Michael WachaSTL22165481471203.311.20
34. Masahiro TanakaNYY25200511791303.511.25
35. Hiroki KurodaNYY39200441501303.421.17
36. Hyun-Jin RyuLAD27190491521203.531.23
37. Jered WeaverLAA31180421361203.751.20
38. Dan HarenLAD33170301491003.631.17
39. Patrick CorbinARI24205511711303.651.24
40. Tony CingraniCIN24165681931103.661.24
41. R.A. DickeyTOR39220641711403.781.23
42. Shelby MillerSTL23185621811303.791.28
43. Chris TillmanBAL26195611631203.951.25
44. Ian KennedySD29190571711103.631.23
45. Tim LincecumSF30195761931103.691.31
46. Sonny GrayOAK24185601541303.601.29
47. Jon LesterBOS30205621711503.741.29
48. Jeff SamardzijaCHI29219702101103.761.27
49. A.J. GriffinOAK26200511691304.011.23
50. Marco EstradaMIL3015033143903.711.16
51. Clay BuchholzBOS29140471091103.351.21
52. C.C. SabathiaNYY33205621781203.821.27
53. Alex WoodATL23165551471103.581.28
54. Rick PorcelloDET25185431441303.711.26
55. John LackeyBOS35180401451303.811.26
56. Taijuan WalkerSEA21175561651003.791.28
57. Justin MastersonCLE29195721631303.631.33
58. Matt MooreTB25190871861203.751.34
59. Ubaldo JimenezBAL30185781831203.811.34
60. Corey KluberCLE28185451691203.901.29
61. Andrew CashnerSD27170491271003.521.26
62. Lance LynnSTL27180661761203.881.35
63. Tim HudsonSF38165441141003.411.23
64. Matt GarzaMIL3016546141903.691.23
65. Jose QuintanaCWS25190511481003.861.27
66. Miguel GonzalezBAL30180541281103.911.25
67. Bartolo ColonNYM41175271131003.791.21
68. Ivan NovaNYY27190571601103.791.30
69. Dan StrailyOAK25190631581204.231.31
70. C.J. WilsonLAA33205841821303.881.37
71. Ervin SantanaFA31200581511104.051.28
72. Jarrod ParkerOAK25200641381304.071.34
73. Drew SmylyDET2514040135803.551.21
74. Francisco LirianoPIT30165681671003.661.33
75. Chris ArcherTB25190611581103.931.30

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