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Clayton Kershaw: How Big Gap is Between Dodgers' Ace and Next Guy?

Our first year running this site was 2012. So, when we did our countdown that year, we looked at 12 completely random topics in the world of fantasy baseball. Last year, we did 13 so fittingly in 2014, we’ve looked at 14 different topics. It’ got us to wondering, just what are we going to do if we’re still running this site in 2050? I guess we’ll cross that bridge when we get there. But today, Nash finishes our countdown with his prediction of the best fantasy hitter, and pitcher for the upcoming season. The link to the top hitter prediction, and every other countdown piece can be found below. 

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Earlier today, I took a look at the crop of fantasy hitters and came to the conclusion that based on the projections, Mike Trout will be the offensive MVP in 2014. Now, we’re going to do the same thing with pitchers.

We’ll start by looking at the Top-5 starters:

  1. Clayton Kershaw
  2. Yu Darvish
  3. Cliff Lee
  4. Adam Wainwright
  5. Felix Hernandez

And their projections:

Top-5 2014 Projections

Clayton Kershaw2301795422765182.531.01
Yu Darvish2001577625671153.191.16
Cliff Lee2151944121573143.051.06
Adam Wainwright2252084020574182.941.10
Felix Hernandez2101904920571143.041.14

The same logic that applied to hitters applies to the pitchers. If they basically clean sweep the categories they contribute in, then they are your clear cut choice for the pitching MVP. In hitting, there was a contest between Mike Trout and Miguel Cabrera. In pitching, we have Clayton Kershaw and with all due respect to the other guys, it’s not much of a contest.

Now these are all starters, and so they won’t contribute in all 5 traditional pitching categories because I highly doubt any of them will register a save. But when looking at the other four categories, Clayton Kershaw is just about a lock to be the pitching MVP for fantasy purposes once again.

Now let’s take a look at both Trout and Kershaw and talk about their draft stocks. Click HERE if you missed the post about the offensive MVP.

With any good MVP you are going to have to pay for these gentlemen, so you need to know that going in. I think in a snake draft I am willing to go chalk on these guys.

Most lists have Trout 1 or 2. If I draft first I take Trout and if I draft second and he falls to me, I am elated.

Now Kershaw in Snake is falling around 10-11 and I take him there no problem. I am just not sure how high I’d reach for him…maybe 7 at the highest.

In an auction I have seen Trout go for $45 or higher, and well to me that still might be a little pricey because it is 17% of an average draft budget on 1 player. I highly doubt you get Trout for as low as $26 which would still be 10% of your bankroll, so I would cap him at $35 in a standard league auction, and hope to find some bargains elsewhere.

Kershaw I have to set a hard cap at $20 because he is still just 1 player, and a pitcher at that. Pitching is far easier to piece together. So, there are your MVP’s for 2014 and where you should take them.

I cannot wait to go against my advice and over pay for both!

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