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Colorado Rockies 2014 Hitting and Pitching Projections

The Colorado Rockies finished 2013 at 74-88, the same record as the Toronto Blue Jays. They also both finished dead last in their respective divisions, but the funny thing is, that the Blue Jays under-performed, while I was actually surprised at the amount of wins the Rockies raked up last season. It’s funny how expectations can impact the light that results are seen in.

Let’s just see what light we can use to view some of the fantasy options of the 2014 Rockies now, shall we?

Projected 2014 Rockies Offense

1. Corey DickersonCF25L3655310383.265
2. Nolan Arenado3B23R5666216642.275
3. Carlos GonzalezLF28L49283278021.299
4. Troy TulowitzkiSS29R4837724751.295
5. Michael CuddyerRF35R4756720739.281
6. Justin Morneau1B33L5346224730.271
7. Wilin RosarioC25R4026023673.279
8. Josh Rutledge2B25R46466134913.256
  • Crackerjack Fantasy Options: Carlos Gonzalez, Troy Tulowitzki, Michael Cuddyer, and Wilin Rosario

– Cargo: Carlos Gonzalez has produced at an elite level in the past. In the more recent past, he has not been quite elite level, but still a great fantasy option. He gives you good to great production in all the traditional categories and has star potential.

– Tulo: Troy Tulowitzki is  another guy that has shown elite numbers in the past, although the past is WAY more past for Tulo than Cargo. Tulo is still worth all the injury risk baggage for the potential he brings as a shortstop.

– Cuddy: Michael Cuddyer had a career year last year. While I don’t expect that again, I do expect that if he stays on the field, he will be a valued fantasy option in any and all formats!

– Wi-Ro (Maybe Wil-Ro is better?): Wilin Rosario is a burgeoning top flight catcher.  Perhaps it is still too early to put him in conversation at the top, but if he can improve on his last year’s numbers, he is certainly going to be a top caching producer, so I would not feel bad about reaching for this kid.

Projected 2014 Rockies Pitching

Brett Anderson26L752163503.521.28
LaTroy Hawkins41R6516433284.011.36
  • Crackerjack Fantasy Options: Even the two above barely qualify. Remember where they play their home games.

– B.A.: Man, I want to like Brett Anderson, I really do. However you just have so much injury concern with this guy, and now he isn’t pitching a favorable park.  So even if he stays healthy, will his numbers take a hit when playing home in Colorado? I say wait on this guy until the final round.

– Hawk: LaTroy Hawkins will prove to be a waste of money in free agency. The Rockies have Franklin Morales, Rex Brothers, and Matt Belisle, all of whom should have gotten a crack instead of signing the aging Hawkins, even though he was good in 2013.


  • Fantasy Star: Cargo

It is hard to not worry about Carlos Gonzalez staying healthy.  But heck, even when he isn’t healthy he produces better than other outfield options when they are. This is a 30/25 potential guy that IF he gets some help can score 95 runs and be around 95 RBI.  Add that to a .300+ average and you have yourself a fantasy star!


  • Fantasy Bust: Dickerson

It appears that Corey Dickerson and Drew Stubbs will be in a platoon to start the season, as of right now at least. If this is so, then I will be waiting on Dickerson in all my drafts.  Of the two I like Stubbs better, but I will get to that in a little while.

Dickerson’s scouting reports have never been all that exciting to read.  He doesn’t offer much speed or power and is not likely to be more that a utility outfielder with a weak arm.


  • Prospect Watch: Jonathan Gray

Gray has the stuff that people go nuts over, a fastball that is consistently in the mid-90’s and can touch 101. He also has a slider that has Keith Law’s knees buckling in his sleep. With as weak as the Rockies pitching is, I would expect Jonathan Gray to be up at some point this year, even though he may start in AA.  However most think that Eddie Butler will be up first, even though he too will start in AA as of now. Either way, both of these kids are worth a look.


  • Fantasy Sleeper: Drew Stubbs

Stubbs is like a power man’s Dexter Fowler.  He has shown some dynamic power and speed production throughout his career and perhaps Coors field will agree with him and he can earn himself an everyday spot in the Rockies lineup. I might be willing to take a chance on Drew Stubbs in the last round of a draft, but most likely will just keep an eye on him as a free agent.


  • Final Thoughts

All in all I think the Rockies are a good source of fantasy options.  Unfortunately most of those options come with some question marks.  we have everything here, small sample size, platoons, and injury risks.  The thing is that if these guys are falling in drafts because of question marks, it makes them all the more attractive as fantasy options.  So be on the ready to scoop these guys up.

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