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Philadelphia Phillies 2014 Hitting and Pitching Projections

The Philadelphia Phillies are a long time removed from the feared NL power that won every NL East title from 2008-2012, along with an NL Championship in 2008 & 2009, and a World Series win in 2008.

They also were not nearly as active this off-season as they have been in the past. Of course, that means that we’re looking at very few surprises. Chase Utley and Jimmy Rollins are another year older, Cliff Lee and Cole Hamels are still aces, and if Ryan Howard and Ben Revere could be good sources of isolated stats. But, that’s only IF they stay healthy. So let’s see what might be different around Philly.

Projected 2014 Phillies Offense

1. Ben RevereCF26L5126513637.282
2. Jimmy RollinsSS35S58778135422.254
3. Chase Utley2B35L3965614527.273
4. Ryan Howard1B34L3784519640.240
5. Marlon ByrdRF36R5105615553.264
6. Domonic BrownLF26L5126721719.267
7. Carlos RuizC35R361427461.274
8. Cody Asche3B24L4115013538.256
  • Crackerjack Fantasy Options: Chase Utley, Jimmy Rollins, Ben Revere, Domonic Brown

– Utley: Utley saw a bit of a resurgence last year and was a nice perk for most fantasy owners willing to take a chance.  However, Chase Utley should still be treated with a little skepticism. Utley has not been reliably healthy the past few years and is also the ripe old age of 35. So be sure not to go after him early and expecting him to be in the lineup every day.

– Rollins: In contrast to Utley, Jimmy Rollins has a pretty good track record of health. Like Utley 35. I like J-Ro to at least stay healthy, because well, he has proven he can. Rollins should not be counted on for anything above 15/30. He’s a good SS option, but not a great one.

– Revere: Ben Revere was having quite a season last year until he went down with a foot injury.  It really was a tough break. Sorry. All kidding aside, he could be a solid option for a 40 steal guy that could in fact be a steal (I really am in rare form with the corny dad jokes today).  My guess is that most people won’t be too high on Revere, and that could come in quite handy.

– Brown: This guy really burst on the scene early in 2013, then he start to fade throughout the season. I think that will also cause people to steer clear of him earlier in drafts and could result in him being a great pick late in drafts. Still, Domonic Brown should be good for  20+ home runs, which is nothing to sneeze at after round 15.

Projected 2014 Phillies Pitching

Cliff Lee35L215332141403.051.06
Cole Hamels30L215501981303.291.13
Jonathan Papelbon33R6512613303.201.12
  • Crackerjack Fantasy Options: All above

– Lee: This guy is really one of the all-time greats and seems to be getting better with age. Cliff Lee is hurling 9 Ks per 9 innings. That, my friends is legit.

– Hamels: Another great pitcher. Cole Hamels has a nasty out pitch and has been doing it for years. He is a safe bet for a Top-5 Cy Young finisher.

– Papelbon: Jonathan Papelbon really has found a nice second home in Philly.  Papelbon is really one of the sharper closer in the last 10 seasons.  He is so consistent, and not just good consistent, I’m talking great consistent.


  • Fantasy Star: The Pitchers

I know I left it a little short with the pitchers earlier, but it was because I knew I would circle back to them.  Sadly, this is a team without a star fantasy hitter, so it’s best to focus a little more on the stud arms.

Cliff Lee should be taken in the first three rounds, and Cole Hamels should not be far after him either. Jonathan Papelbon still has potential to be a Top-5 closer if he gets the chances. Any of those three guys will round out your staff quite well.


  • Fantasy Bust: Chase Utley

This especially goes for those who don’t heed my warning about taking him early. Even if you wait on him, he comes with a lot of question marks, A LOT of question marks. As thin as 2B is, I think you should look away from Chase Utley for 2B production.


  • Prospect Watch & Fantasy Sleeper: Cody Asche

This kid really is one in the same for this team.  The Phillies have cleared the way for him, almost by default, they are hoping he really comes through.

Cody Asche looks like a great prospect with good power, good hand-eye coordination, and solid batting average guy. I think that Asche could be a nice find at 3B next season.


  • Final Thoughts

Clearly the Phillies pitchers are the bright spot on an otherwise aging and mediocre team. Sometimes, though, this means that hitters come at a very low cost. In that situation, most of these hitters could be worth a look. Yes, even Marlon Byrd.

Now don’t get carried away filling out your draft sheet with Phillies players just yet.  Just pay attention if people are letting them fall in drafts by at least 3-4 rounds. If guys are just steering clear, don’t be ashamed to clean up the litter people are dropping.


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