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3 Overrated Fantasy Players from the AL East

Since we’ve been focusing on the American League East, let’s take off our rose colored glasses and be Señor Sour Pants for a bit. Get ready for the left field bleachers during college day at the park, because we’re starting the chat of OOOO VERRRRR RAAAAA TED!

I’m not saying these guys won’t have any fantasy value in 2014, but I am saying that it’s likely they’ll be drafted too highly in a lot of leagues. Without further ado, 3 overrated fantasy players from the AL East.

#1 Matt Wieters

It wasn’t too long ago that Wieters was talked about as being one of the top 3 best fantasy catchers and unfortunately many fantasy owners will draft him too high as a result. You should be sick and tired of waiting for him to fulfill his potential by now (I know I am) and instead settle into what he actually is.

Sure, he gives you 20 homers and decent counting stats that come with a low average. That just happens to be the same type of production that you’ll get from a dozen other catchers. Power is cheap from the catcher position, so don’t draft Wieters on the lone promise of 20 dingers.

#2 Derek Jeter

I think most fantasy owners realize that the best of Jeter is long behind him, but I’m still shocked at the number who draft The Captain much too early.

Out of respect / tradition /obligation/ insanity the New York Yankees will most likely still bat Jeter 2nd, even though the 8th position is much better place for him at this point in his career. The good news is that batting second will allow him to score plenty of runs (provided he’s healthy enough to stay in the lineup) and he might be able to keep his average above .280.

The bad news is that his average will be empty, as he’ll contribute next to nothing in the home run or stolen base categories. Don’t make the mistake of drafting him too high based upon the player he used to be.

#3 Desmond Jennings

Many fantasy owners were speculating that Jennings would contribute as a 20/40 player and be the second coming of Carl Crawford in his prime. Too many fantasy owners are drafting Jennings thinking he may still reach this ceiling.

It’s not gonna happen. Jennings approach at the plate is much too inconsistent and his batting eye not nearly as advanced as we hoped it would be. As a result the 20-home-run-power isn’t going to materialize. Worse still, a batting average in the .240s will hurt your fantasy team and he’s not the top of the lineup threat the Tampa Bay Rays hoped he’d be, so his runs will suffer as he’s most likely relegated to the 7 hole.

The potential for 25 steals is still there, but a good rule of thumb with Jennings is to think about what round you feel like you’d draft him in 2014, then make sure to draft him two rounds later.


Is this post too depressing for you? OK, all you optimists out there, let’s take a look at 3 underrated players from the AL EAST.

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