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3 Underrated Fantasy Players from the AL East

Since we’ve been focusing on the American League East, let’s put on our rose colored glasses on and look at some players who aren’t getting the attention they may deserve.

I’m not saying these guys will be fantasy superstars in 2014, but I am saying that they’ll be overlooked in too many leagues. Without further ado, 3 underrated fantasy players from the AL East.

#1 Chris Tillman

For this I quote the preeminent Michael Dixon:

I’m a fan of Chris Tillman. It wouldn’t surprise me if I overdid his projections a little bit, but he’s an everyday fantasy arm. Tillman can easily be the second or third best pitcher on a fantasy champion’s team.

If Tillman flies under the radar in 2014 as it appears he will, politely say “Thank you very much”, grab him, then enjoy solid fantasy value.

#2 Alex Cobb

Cobb has a prospect pedigree but not a lot of major league innings, largely because he was struck in the head by a line drive and missed much of the 2013 season.

His numbers were fantastic when he did pitch, however, and all signs are a go for a full season in 2014. Just hope that your fellow fantasy owners don’t catch up to Cobb’s talent level and let him slip in the draft. If they do, grab him.

#3 David Robertson

Robertson has the unenviable job of following a legend. No one thinks he’ll be the second coming of Mariano Rivera, but let’s not overlook that Robertson has legitimate talent and for years has been a fine setup man for the New York Yankees.

Drafting closers is always unreliable, but saves are a standard 5×5 category, meaning you have to give them some attention. If other fantasy owners pass on Robertson because he isn’t a “proven” closer, grab him.

Here’s a full profile of Robertson.


If doom and gloom is more your fancy, here’s a list a 3 overrated fantasy players from the AL East.

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