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An Example Fantasy Baseball Constitution

It’s important to have a constitution for your fantasy baseball league.

Call it a whitepaper, a rulebook, or a player’s manual, it’s doesn’t matter. Just don’t write it on a napkin. Have it somewhere where all league members can access it and be familiar with it.

Think it through and clearly spell out your rules and guidelines. A funny thing happens when a bunch of grown men begin to play make-believe baseball. Their competitive juices start to flow and they begin to bicker like little girls. Fantasy baseball leagues don’t come with an umpire to settle disputes.

Having something official where all your league rules are spelled out can be invaluable. Trust me on this.

Plus, you can have a little fun with it. We modeled one of our league’s (TunaCorn) constitutions after the original document drafted in 1979 by Daniel Okrent and friends, the inventors of Rotisserie League Baseball. It’s appropriate to stand on the shoulders of history when dealing with a constitution. Ahem.

Here it is.

Click through, we’ve shared the entire thing. Feel free to rip it off and modify it as your own if you wish. My hope is that this can serve as an easy framework for all the fantasy baseball league managers out there. There’s no need for you to totally reinvent the constitution. Simply use your own league settings in place our examples.

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