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Fantasy Baseball Basics

While much of our content is profiling players or discussing moves, much of it doesn’t have that same shelf life.

We want to give practical, simple advice to help people become better fantasy baseball players (and to mix an occasional dose of fun).

We’ve written several practical posts dealing with some 101 topics such as trading and drafting. While some of the names might not be current, the principles remain.

If you are new to fantasy baseball or curious about a particular aspect of fantasy baseball, you might want to peek at the posts below. After all, it will be spring training before you know it!


Format 101: There are a couple primary formats in fantasy baseball, roto and H2H. Which one is right for you? Click here for Format 101.

Keepers 101: Sometimes the most difficult decision is which players to hang on to in a league that plays one year to the next. Click here for Keeper 101.

Trades 101: Trading is more than picking the more popular player. Plus, it’s hard to know sometimes if you are getting hoodwinked. There is an art to the trade. Click here for Trading 101.

Ranking 101: Sometimes it’s hard to objectively determine just how much better player A is than player B. You have to put them into tiers. Click here for Ranking 101.

Budget 101: It’s important to understand that you need a budget if you plan to participate in a fantasy baseball auction draft. Click here for Auction Budget 101.

Selling and Buying 101: When do you hold on to a guy and when to you cut him loose? There is a right time to do both those things. Click here for Buying and Selling 101.

Value 101: In fantasy baseball to win you must play with numbers, not names. Learning how to properly value players is critical. Click here for Value 101.

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