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Friday 5: Useful Fantasy Baseball Links

Every Friday we bring you 5 great fantasy baseball links from around the internets. Sometimes we’ll have a bit of a theme to it, while other times we’re just all over the place. This week we’re focusing on players who might see a fantasy baseball comeback in 2014.

1. A great read is Baseball Professor. They put out a ton of great fantasy baseball content, like this post answering 10 Questions on NL Outfielders. Here’s a sample on Jayson Werth:

In 2012, he managed only 300 at-bats, causing his stock to plummet even further. He did miss some time, but if you bought low or nabbed him off the waiver-wire, you were rewarded in 2013 (25 HR, 82 RBI, .318 BA, 10 SB). He can steal close to 20 bags when healthy, but his career batting average is .274. The power is legit but the average will sink a bit.

2. A great place for stats is The Baseball Cube. I use the site all the time, particularly if I’m diving into splits, like first half vs. second half, or month-by-month production. It’s a great resource.

3. A great place to sort by obscure criteria is Curly Bacon. Everything is a dead simple drop down. You select your league or team, determine what stats you want, add any additional criteria, and you’re done. Easy.

Plus, it’s named Curly Bacon.

4. A great place for general baseball content is Call to the Pen. Our fellow Fansided site is an excellent source for up-to-date baseball news and insight.

5. Finally, a great place for links is The Fantasy Rundown. Grab you morning coffee and read the best of what the internet has to say about baseball, with all the links collected in one handy place.


There you go, five great baseball resources. Enjoy the links!

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