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Mental Health Break: The Houston Astros vs. Buck Showalter

It’s time again to choose between two baseball GIFs and it doesn’t seem like there is any GIF in the world that can topple our champion, Buck Showalter.

As usual, I won’t pretend that this post will make you a better fantasy baseball player or that you’ll learn something about your favorite player. Nope, nothing fantasy baseball here.

But it’s Sunday night, meaning that tomorrow is a Monday and another week of work. We need one last little mental health break before we get back to the grind tomorrow, particularly after a long holiday week. We need a tiny break to relax our mind and just laugh a little! It won’t make you a better fantasy baseball player, but it sure will be good for your mental health.

Buck Showalter is the 3 time champion, but there is a new challenger in town. Take a peek below and make your vote on which one you think most deserves to be champion and move on to next week.

Our current champion, GIF #1. “How about giving Buck Showalter a little managerial love?

Buck Showalter GIF

And now our challenger, GIF #2. “C’mon, Astros! C’mon!”

Houston Astros

So every Sunday night I’ll dig up a couple baseball GIFs. Here’s a little GIF tip: they just get funnier and funnier after about the 5th time watching. Let ‘em loop until you giggle, then share your vote for your favorite below.  Winner moves on to next week, and stays champion until defeated.

Which GIF should move on to be next week's champion?

  • GIF 2: C'mon Astros! (69%, 9 Votes)
  • GIF 1: How about a little love for Buck Showalter? (31%, 4 Votes)

Total Voters: 13

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