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Should the Minnesota Twins Trade for Brett Anderson?

We’ve been playing with a new post series. The first one we did dreamed of a David Price trade to the Washington Nationals, while the second talked about an Elvis Andrus for Matt Kemp swap. Nash and I will often catch wind of some far fetched baseball rumor and then banter back and forth about the fantasy implications via email. If you’ve ever read Marvel Comics, these are like the old school ‘What if?’ stories they’d float out there. We’re going to call it “The Inbox” and we aren’t promising deep insight, just off-the-cuff banter.

Yesterday I was stuck in traffic listening to Ruesse and Mackey on AM1500 ESPN Twin Cities and they were discussing the fact that Brett Anderson of the Oakland A’s is available via trade.  Both of these guys were very high on Anderson – because as we all know – left handed pitching is at a premium (see Scott Kazmir contract).

So these guys threw out some names of guys that the Twins could trade for Brett Anderson (let’s call him BA). The list was: Eddie Rosario (with maybe Trevor May), Oswaldo Arcia, or even KYLE GIBSON!

Frankly I would be worried about BA just getting to the mound 15-20 time this season.  However I agree with both Ruesse and Mackey that “when Brett Anderson is healthy and pitching well, he is an ace!” OK, ace may be a bit strong, like how every guy that scores 20 points a night in the NBA is a Superstar.  So what do you think, would you trade any one these guys for Brett Anderson if you were Terry Ryan?


Is it too early for me to make Christmas references? I really want want to evoke the power of the Grinch or Ebenezer Scrooge on this one. I’d even take Scrooge McDuck. The point is: I don’t like this one bit. Not one bit.The reason I’m all grinchy on this rumor is not because I don’t think Brett Anderson is a nice pitcher to have when he’s healthy. I like him just fine and have actually owned him on my fantasy teams back in his healthy days. But what does he do for the Twins in 2014? They’ll win what next year…65 games? Maybe. If they add Brett Anderson they become a 66-67 win team. Maybe.


Consider the names tossed around to get him: Rosario…. Arcia… Gibson…. Those are all players that will help the Twins in 2015 and well beyond. And those are the years the Twins might actually win a meaningful amount of games!! I can’t take these Hot Stove season rumors, Nash, I can’t take ‘em.


Total role reversal this time around as I am usually Mr. Negative.  I have also owned Anderson in fantasy and I tell ya, when he is healthy and pitching well he is just a pudgy version of Doug Fister.  You are right, this doesn’t make much sense for the Twins, ESPECIALLY considering Anderson is under contract for like 8 Mil in 2014 then has a club option on his contract for 2015 for like 12 Mil or something.  So you give away 1 of 3 young guys to get a guy that you may not even option.

The Inbox

Now on the bright side, a healthy BA is for sure the best pitcher in the rotation, and it appears the Twins are in it to win 70 games at all costs with their off-season moves, Nolasco, Hughes, and maybe Anderson?  Sounds like a OK rotation to me.

The radio guys seemed to think that a Healthy Anderson has a higher ceiling than Kyle Gibson, thoughts on that?  What should fantasy players hope for out of Gibson in the near to far off future?


When you mention role reversal, you are talking about something like a Lindsay Lohan Freaky Friday thing, right? If so, I’m in.

Weren’t you with me last season at Target Field when we watched Gibson’s MLB debut? Gibson didn’t look great last season, Nash, but he’s not even done developing yet. Could we all just agree to not spell doom for a prospect before they are even done developing? I wouldn’t have Gibson on my fantasy team in 2014, but I don’t know that I’d even take a flyer on Andreson either, especially since he’s eaten Doug Fister.

I still want to talk about the wins record for a little bit (I have a hard time letting things go). I’m not sure we see as many examples as you’d think we would of teams slowly gaining wins until the make the postseason.  It’s usually much more in fits and spurts, or even a “last to first” scenario. That’s how I’d play it if I were the Twins. I’d concede to 90-100 losses in 2014, then ***BOOM!*** I’d try flip that switch in 2015. Fans know that they won’t compete in 2014, so hold on to your prospects.

I think that can also happen in fantasy dynasty leagues as well. I’ve seen many fantasy teams be pretty darned bad and languish around 10th to 12th place, and the smart owners would be patient, load up, and ***BOOM!*** you’d see those teams finish up near the money. Or at least that’s how I’m writing the story.

We have anything else to say on this trade rumor, Nash?


Clave –
Lindsay Lohan and Freaky Friday…check. I am in!

I was there for Gibson’s debut, but I was way more into my nachos than the game. I mean I was eating nachos out of a helmet, for Pete’s sake!  I completely agree with you that you would be hard pressed to gain 3-5 wins a season and climb from the cellar to the playoffs successfully.  The windows for players and teams are small, and you just won’t hold the pieces long enough.  So yes, real life Twins should hold onto their prospects.

Fantasy wise I seem to remember two recent examples  in our leagues that began with a bottom of the barrel finishes and ending in top 3 finishes the next season.  It is the way to go.  Catch people by surprise, trade away some big guns for some up and comers and you have yourself in the money.  In closing I guess I would say of all the pitchers we have mentioned in this thread, Trevor May might get the most MLB starts eh?


It’s not Treyor May….it’s Trevor Won’t get the most MLB starts, unless it’s at the back end of the rotation. I think he ultimately sticks in the bullpen.

Wow, that was an awful pun, so I think it’s best if I leave it there.

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