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Friday 5: Fantasy Players Who May Bounce Back in 2014

Every Friday we bring you 5 great fantasy baseball links from around the internets. Sometimes we’ll have a bit of a theme to it, while other times we’re just all over the place. This week we’re focusing on players who might see a fantasy baseball comeback in 2014.

1. Brett Lawrie gave the fantasy baseball world as tease in 2011, only to slam the door in our faces when when went in for the kiss. Below is an except from the Baseball professor. Read it in full here.

The numbers are very impressive, especially since they were accumulated in a small sample. However, if these first 43 games are removed he’s a below average fantasy player, but a lot of analysts still believe Lawrie can be a 20/20 player with a .280-plus BA. One of the most cited reasons for this evaluation are that he has the raw tools and the pedigree to achieve that potential. I 100 percent agree that may be true, but eventually a player has to actualize those tools. There have been many top-tier prospects with better raw tools, but have yet to come close to actualizing those tools. I’m looking at you…

2. Fangraphs wonders if Rickie Weeks is a bounce back candidate in 2014. I won’t spoil the ending for you Read it and see.

3. It’s poor form to link your own stuff, but Dixon wrote an excellent piece looking at R.A. Dickey, Justin Verlander, and David Price. Here ’tis.

4. Fangraphs takes another angle on Brett Lawrie. Check out their reasoning here.

5. Finally, what about Ryan Braun? Will he go back to returning first round value? Baseball Professor gives their take here.

There you go, 5 links from some of the best fantasy baseball analysts on the inter webs who are talking about fantasy baseball bounce back candidates for 2014. Enjoy, and I’ll share five more links next Friday.

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