Sep 18, 2013; St. Petersburg, FL, USA; Texas Rangers shortstop Elvis Andrus (1) scores during the eleventh inning against the Tampa Bay Rays at Tropicana Field. Mandatory Credit: Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

What if the Dodgers and Rangers Swapped Matt Kemp and Elvis Andrus?

We’ve been playing with a new post series. The first one we did dreamed of a David Price trade to the Washington Nationals. Nash and I will often catch wind of some far fetched baseball rumor and then banter back and forth about the fantasy implications via email. If you’ve ever read Marvel Comics, these are like the old school ‘What if?’ stories they’d float out there. We’re going to call it “The Inbox” and we aren’t promise deep insight, just off the cuff banter.

Man, I don’t know where I’ve been the past few days, but I just caught up to the rumor that there have been talks that the Los Angeles Dodgers and the Texas Rangers have been in talks about a swap of Matt Kemp and Elvis Andrus. (Editor’s Note: Our source here.)
Here’s the thing, when I first heard this I immediately scoffed at it and thought it was bat poop bananas. Then I sat with it a little bit and really wondered why both teams wouldn’t do this!
Elvis bumps Hanley to third and immediately the Dodgers are looking lovely on the left side. Meanwhile, the Rangers have settled their middle infield logjam and have suddenly replaced the departing Nelson Cruz. What’s not to like here?!!?
Other than the fact that the Dodgers are giving up a former MVP and almost 40/40 guy for a steals guy that cannot take a walk. Nothing I guess.I get that they have plenty of outfielders to fill in after losing Kemp. So you have to weigh the line up with Andrus, Hanley, Ethier against Hanley Kemp, and whomever the 3B could be without this trade…And didn’t Hanley fight moving to 3B once already?IDK, I don’t see this panning out, not without some other parts at least.
– Nash


When did you turn into such a Negative Nashy? Dream with me a little bit here!

Don’t you think the Dodgers would take Elvis Andrus if the slate was fresh and they were picking today?!!? After all he’s 5 years younger, signed for longer, signed for less, plays a premium position, and has ZERO injury history.

I need you to go back to your previous email and highlight to word ‘former’ that you used in relation to Matt Kemp, which I do admit was stolen from him by Ryan Bruan. Andrus’ only downside compared to 40/40 man Matt Kemp is that he’s never dated Rihanna. I have no idea what’s next with this trade rumor, but I feel like Andrus to the Dodgers is like true love in a romantic comedy. When the Dodgers finally stop searching for Elvis, that’s when Elvis finally finds the Dodgers.The Inbox

I’m trying to get in your head with this one, Nash. How am I doing?

I turned 30 and became a curmudgeon.

I have stripped Ryan Braun of that MVP award and given it to Matt Kemp, it’s on all my notes for fantasy baseball planning.
However, now that you mention it, Andrus might just be worth Kemp.  Just seems counterintuitive for this Dodgers front office. They want the big names coming in at the sake of the better on the field value.  I think Magic and Co. low ball the Rangers and offer Andre Ethier and maybe Dee Gordon (clearly they would hope the Rangers don’t know the Dodgers have given up on Dee).
I’m gonna say that your LA version of Fever Pitch dies on the cutting room floor…
Uncle. I give up, you’re right.  Can you tell that I’m desperate for a any sort of Hot Stove trade to happen. I’ll take anything! Sooner or later one of these GMs is going to blink and be the first team to lull the trigger. Meanwhile, I’m going out of my gourd here.

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  • Lee Stitzel

    As a Ranger fan I’m intrigued by the deal because both teams are dealing from strength. I think that Texas might be the one to pull out on this deal just because Kemp has looked so bad and can’t seem to get healthy.

    • Clave

      “Intrigue” is a great word to use with this rumor! Thanks for the comment.

    • Steven Russell

      As a Ranger fan, I agree, it is interesting but Kemp’s health and production lately are very worrisome with that gigantic contract. Elvis has a big deal too but he’s always been healthy, he’s a good deal younger, plays a more valuable position and still has room to get better at his age. If Kemp was healthy, I’d be way more into it obviously. I think the Dodgers and Rangers could be good trade partners though, both have surpluses at INF/OF respectively.

      I’d wanna check to see how much Puig would cost and see what happens there. probably too much and I don’t think the Dodgers would want to deal him.

  • Jaime Rodarte Mireles

    Yeah, sure and how about Dodgers throw in Kershaw too……..