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Mental Health Break: Baseball GIFs and Heckles

I won’t pretend that this post will make you a better fantasy baseball player or that you’ll learn something about your favorite player. Nope, nothing fantasy baseball here!

But it’s Sunday night, meaning that tomorrow is a Monday and another week of work. We need one last little mental health break before we get back in the grind tomorrow. We need a tiny break to relax our mind and just laugh a little! Sure, it won’t make you a better fantasy baseball player, but it sure will be good for your mental health.

Without further ado, your heckle, this one directed for no good reason at Buck Showalter, the manager of the Baltimore Orioles:

Hey Buck! Do you think you’ll like this game once you catch on?!

And now your GIF. Poor Buck Showalter. How about some love for your manager!

Buck Showalter GIF


So every Sunday night I’ll dig up a GIF and share a heckle. Here’s a little tip to help you enjoy both.  For the heckle, just imagine your buddy is sitting next you you at the ballpark. He’s hit up the beer vendor a couple times, it’s the 6th inning, your section is actually pretty quiet and your buddy just shoots up and let’s it rip. The whole section looks back at him.

GIF rules are simple. Man, they just get funnier and funnier after about the 5th time watching. Let it loop until you giggle.

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