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Friday 5: Baseball Links with Nothing in Common

Every Friday we bring you 5 great fantasy baseball links from around the internets. Sometimes we’ll have a bit of a theme to it, while other times we’re just all over the place. This week the only common thread it that they are all great reads.

1. Catcher is actually a deep position. But we’re always looking for upside or someone to surprise us, right? Baseball Professor looks at 8 Catchers Who Could Crack the Top 10 in 2014. A teaser:

Wilson Ramos – He really raked over the second half of season. Really, really, really raked. In just 78 games, he had 16 HR and 59 RBI. That’s what I like to call a “Whoa baby” pace. I know, it’s completely unsustainable and catchers will always miss or sit out plenty of games, but that’s still a 162 game pace of 34 HR and 123 RBI. Now, I know he isn’t anywhere close to that good, but even if he puts up 60% of those numbers he’ll be knocking on the door as a top 12 catcher. Oh yeah, and another thing — he’s only 26.

2. Fangraphs is always good from some in-depth analysis. Here they look at Albert Pujols’ decline. Should you expect a rebound? Read it and see.

3. Trade rumors continue to swirl around Brandon Phillips. Call to the Pen give their take on the amount of leverage the Cincinnati Reds have in the trade market.

4. I’ve long been a fan of David Gonos. Take a peek at his site to see that they’ve already pulled the early Steamer projections to find the Top 192 hitters. Lots will change between now and March 2104, but it’s fun to take an early peek at what the early numbers suggest.

5. Grading on the Curve has been doing an excellent job covering the Arizona Fall League. Click through if you are interested in seeing how some of baseball’s top prospects faring in fall baseball action.

There you go, 5 links from some of the best fantasy baseball analysts on the interwebs. Enjoy, and I’ll share five more links next Friday.

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