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Friday 5: Profiling Players

Even though the 2014 fantasy baseball draft is months away, there is a lot of great fantasy baseball content being churned out right now. Each Friday we’ll be linking 5 of these pieces go fantasy baseball content from around the web. Here we go:

1. Outliar Baseball has a great piece that summarizes last week’s World Series pitching. Specifically, which WS pitchers had the best z-Contact%. In other words, which pitches throw the the zone, yet hitters still can’t get the bat on the ball. It’s a fun primer if you want to begin to think how Pitching F/X impacts fantasy baseball. Give it a read.

2. Now our links shift from saber metrics into the territory of a good ‘ole fashioned player profile. Player profiles are an important read as a fantasy baseball player researches for the upcoming 2014 draft. Our first player profile link is a comparison of Brandon Phillips and Dan Uggla. It’s a solid read. Check it out at Liquid Tomahawks

3. Beyond the Boxscore is excellent if you enjoy some stout statistical analysis that still goes down smooth. Here they take a look at Alex Gordon and how the Royals left fielder actually has a reverse platoon split. Read it here.

4. We close out our 5 with 2 links from The Baseball Professor.  Bryan Curley does a great job of profiling Starling Marte of the Pittsburg Pirates. What can you expect of his 2014 fantasy baseball value?  Read here to find out.

5. What, you haven’t heard of Yordano Ventura? Check out The Baseball Professor‘s profile of him to find out why they think he’s a 2014 fantasy baseball sleeper. Read it here.

There you go, 5 links from some of the best fantasy baseball sources around. Enjoy the World Series pitching recap and the 4 player profiles. We’ll have five more fantasy baseball links coming next Friday.

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