Ask Nash: How Can I Replace Jacoby Ellsbury?


What the heck am I to do with Jacoby Ellsbury during my playoff run?


Hey Jordy,

It totally stinks to have a late season injury to a guy like Jacoby Ellsbury.  The reality is that his foot is  probably going to hold him out for the remaining regular season.  So if you are in the playoffs of your league and he cannot be kept I say drop him for one of a few options:

  • Junior Lake – Gives you a balance of HRs and steals, though you would lose a little on the steals end when compared to Jacoby. After a hot start followed by a rough patch, Junior Lake seems to be coming on again and is a perfect target for a late season spark. He is available in about 50% of leagues but he is being picked up fast, so act quickly!
  • Jarrod Dyson – I have a feeling Jarrod Dyson is going to be the next Jon Jay, he will always be the best guy available on the wire but just won’t be an all-season rosterable type guy.  He offers a lot in the steals area, and when he is batting near the top of the order he is a solid Jacoby replacement!
  • Denard Span – He is an old school reliable type player.  He has had some very good seasons  but overall he is just a serviceable fantasy player these days.  He is coming on at the right moment to replace Jacoby, though, so give Denard Span a good look.
  • Alex Presley – Presley went to Minnesota as part of the Justin Morneau deal and has assumed the lead off role for the Twins.  He is riding a nice little hot streak right now and with the lead off opportunities, Alex Presley is worth a shot down the stretch.

I have listed these guys in the order I would add them in, if none of them of available a VERY dark horse guy would be Juan Legares, but I hope you can avoid that for now.  None of the named guys are going to completely replace what you lose in Ellsbury, and this late in the season there should not be that guy on left in free agency.  You have to make do with what you can.

The really tough decision comes if you can keep Ellsbury for next season.  He is not likely to hit the DL so you cannot open a spot that way.  If picking up one of these guys means risking losing on a top 25 keeper (which Jacoby is), do some self-analysis. If your team has a real chance at winning it all, go for it. If you’re a playoff team with no chance (especially without Jacoby), then you shouldn’t sacrifice next season just so you can make a playoff loss look a little better.

Of course, anywhere close is good enough for me to think you have a shot.  In a head-to-head playoff system, I say go for it. In roto, it really depends on the point differentials.  If you are within 10 points, you have to go for it. Anything more and you need to have a realistic plan of attack in place to make this decision.

Hope this helps all you Jacoby owners out there.

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