Ask Nash: Yasiel Puig for Dustin Pedroia to Jedd Gyorko?

Greetings from Hong Kong,

I need a Jedd Gyorko replacement. I have Anthony Rendon and he is very close to 2B elg for our league.  Of possible free agents are:  Neil Walker, Nick Franklin, Daniel Murphy.  

Also someone just offered me Dustin Pedroia for Yasiel Puig. Obviously Pedroia is the safer bet, but do you buy Puig’s upside?

Sans Puig I have Justin Upton, Jose Bautista, and Matt Kemp when he’s healthy (junk until then). Yeah, I went in big on OF during the draft, I also have Wil Myers on my bench.  We only need to start 3 OFs. 

Thanks so much!

Hello Hong Kong!  (Sorry, bad joke)

Luckily Gyorko is among the more replaceable second basemen, meaning he is not yet a Top-5 guy. Realistically with Rendon close to 2B eligibility and already on your bench, I like that move. It’s an easy one to make.

In regards to the trade, I am a big Pedroia fan, HUGE (thanks Julia Roberts), and given the state of your OF and the fact that you only need to start three, I doubt you’d miss Puig all that much, especially due to all the reports that Wil Myers could be called up to the show any day now.

The key to any fantasy trade is gain vs. loss.

What do you gain from this trade? A serious upgrade at your 2B, even if Gyorko wasn’t hurt.

What do you lose here? A stud outfielder in the making.

Let us address the loss part a little more shall we? Puig has had one of the great mid-season call ups known to man. However we have no idea if he can keep it up. I mean, we all know he will not be hitting a home run every 8 at bats, but just what is he capable of the rest of this season?

Puig is a prime sell high candidate, IF you get a really good trade. I would say a Top-e second baseman would be a very good trade.  Furthermore, you have to really assess how much you will miss Puig, when you can just slide in Wil Myers, MLB’s next hot outfield prospect. Even if Myers doesn’t work out, you just wait on Matt Kemp to return. So, very quickly, your loss has become, almost no loss. Maybe even a gain if Kemp returns to 2011 and pre-injury 2012 form.

Of course, there is always the chance that Pedroia gets hurt and Puig goes on to win the NL Rookie of the year. However we can play the “what if”, game for days until the trade is off the table. What if Puig fizzles and Pedroia catches fire and wins his second MVP trophy?  Fantasy baseball is sometimes the game of snap decisions.

In this instance I think you must pull the trigger.

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  • Mr.

    you’re getting the #2 overall 2nd baseman and most likely a 3rd round pick for someone you most likely got off waivers and an uncertain future. that’s a ridiculous return and i think you should do it immediately.