Waiver Wire Success: Winning Teams = Winning Pitchers

After your draft is over, you might be excited about the guys you snuck through for a $1. You also might be disappointed that you drafted Hanley Ramirez in the first round and then he injured his hand and will start the season on the DL. No matter what the result of your draft was, you will eventually need to find a player or two on the waiver wire.

When looking to add a pitcher, go out and get the best player you can, but if you find yourself with a choice between two relatively similar players, always pick the player on the better team. Better teams win more games. More victories means more opportunities for your pitcher to pick up a win.

Pitcher wins might not be the best way to measure pitcher performance, but regardless of their analytic value, wins appear as a fantasy stat in a vast majority of fantasy baseball leagues. One of the reasons wins are frowned upon by the statistical community is because so much happens in a game to determine the outcome that is beyond the control of any one pitcher.

Even a great pitching performance cannot make up for a team that does not score any runs. But a terrible pitching performance could be rewarded with a victory thanks to a few timely hits. Every game ends with the teams earning a win and a loss, and the same goes for pitchers, someone will record a victory, and someone will be tagged with a loss. So if you have two similarly skilled players, the player on the better team (even relievers) will end up with a couple of bonus wins at the end of the season, just because his teammates are better.

This is simple advice, but let it serve as another reminder that, even on the waiver wire, real baseball affects fantasy baseball.

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