The Importance of Fantasy Baseball Team Names

What’s in a name?” Juliet asks.  “That which we call a rose by any other name would smell as sweet,” she says.  Okay, Shakespeare, we get it, names are relatively arbitrary.  Except in fantasy baseball.  A fantasy team by any other name would not be nearly as sweet. Here then to help you, are some of the best (worst?) fantasy baseball team names from the writers here at Fantasy Baseball Crackerjacks.

Fantasy Team Names Involving Baseball Players:

    • Chuck Knoblauch to the Future
    • Kenji Toyota Prius
    • Chris Brown’s SLG%
    • The Kyle Bluestein Bears
    • Good Willard Hunting
    • I can’t Believe It’s Not Drew Butera
    • Ben Ford Five
    • Spaghetti Al Cabrera
    • Two Wrongs Don’t Make a David Wright
    • Pocket Full of Buster Poseys
    • No Brains, All Ryan Braun
    • Andre Ethier In Or Youre Out

    Fantasy Team Names Involving Puns:

      • Smoak on the Water
      • Once Upton a Time
      • Catching Some Reyes
      • Life of Pie
      • Sexy and I Cano It
      • Game of Bourns
      • The Jurickson Five
      • Bunt Cake
      • Duensinging in the Rain
      • Youkilis WeGrillits
      • Correian Heat
      • A-Rod-ent Problem
      • Moreneau thanks I’m full
      • Shin-Soo’ve Been Gone
      • Casillas Made of Sand
      • Call Me Maybin!
      • There’s No Plate Like Home

      Fantasy Team Names For Lazy Owners:

        • [Insert Team Name Here]
        • Clown Questions
        • Reverse Cowgill
        • Randy’s Johnson
        • Good Job Good Effort
        • Halladay Inn
        • Ruf Riders
        • Pitch Olt
        • Doumit Holes
        • Out of Left Field
        • Hunter Pence, None the Richer
        • Votto’s Grotto
        • About Average
        • Walk-off Bunt
        • Pete Rose’s Best Bet

        Your next Fantasy Team Name is probably listed above, but just in case, I’ll include a disclaimer.* *This list is certainly not all-inclusive.  If there are worse names out there, let us know in the comments.

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