American League Team Projections

We’ve finished our look at each of the American League teams, although the Hot Stove season kept us on our toes with signings and trades.

With each team lineup projection we gave not just our projected batting order, but some early numbers projections as well. We did the same for the starting rotation and the team’s projected closer.

This was to set the table for a fantasy baseball discussion. Who are the fantasy baseball relevant players from each of these American League teams? Who will be a fantasy baseball sleeper or bust?

We tried our best to answer those questions, plus give you additional insight as your prepare for your 2013 fantasy baseball draft. After all, this is all lead-in to our 2013 Fantasy Baseball Draft Kit, which will drop on February 18.

Below is a link to each of the 15 American Leagues projected lineups, collected for you:

AL East

Boston Red Sox
New York Yankees
Baltimore Orioles
Tampa Bay Rays
Toronto Blue Jays

AL Central

Minnesota Twins
Cleveland Indians
Chicago White Sox
Kansas City Royals
Detroit Tigers

AL West

Houston Astros
Seattle Mariners
Texas Rangers
Oakland A’s
Los Angeles Angels