Fantasy Baseball 2013: NY Yankees Hitting & Pitching Projections

New York Yankees – Predicted Finish: Fourth Place, AL East

The Yankees had another great year in 2012, but suddenly looked very ordinary in the playoffs. Actually, they looked old. The injury bug seems to have rocked this team already.

So, at times this year, the Yankees will have a different look than we’ve seen for the past decade (or even more in some cases). What does that all mean? Well, their team’s players aren’t likely going to be as valuable top to bottom, as you have to factor in missed games for many of them.

But, let’s take a closer look at things.


Yankees Offense

Player Name Pos. Age Hand AB R HR RBI SB AVG.
Derek Jeter SS 39 R 570 85 8 42 6 .298
Ichiro Suzuki RF 39 L 625 84 9 61 25 .282
Robinson Cano 2B 30 L 625 102 27 108 4 .317
Mark Teixeira 1B 33 S 550 89 31 92 3 .254
Curtis Granderson CF 32 L 590 83 37 110 15 .247
Kevin Youkilis 3B 34 R 440 71 16 74 0 .255
Alex Rodriguez DH 37 R 275 30 10 46 2 .265
Brett Gardner LF 29 L 490 81 7 41 41 .269
Francisco Cervelli C 27 R 315 39 3 39 3 .263

Crackerjack Fantasy Options: I’ll save some time and say that everyone in that lineup except for Cervelli has decent fantasy value. You’ll have to wait for Rodriguez (which I wouldn’t do) and I’m not even sure if Youk is aware that a baseball season lasts 162 games, but a case could be made to roster either of of them in deeper leagues, or if your regular third baseman gets hurt and either are healthy.

The rest of them, Jeter, Suzuki, Cano, Teixeira, Granderson, and Gardner will all rank with the league’s best players in at least one category.


Yankees Pitching:

Role Player Age Hand IP BB W K SV ERA WHIP
1 Starter CC Sabathia 32 L 225 72 18 215 0 3.20 1.19
2 Starter Hiroki Kuroda 38 R 205 52 14 155 0 3.42 1.17
3 Starter Andy Pettitte 41 L 145 40 11 110 0 4.03 1.30
4 Starter Ivan Nova 26 R 180 59 13 155 0 4.30 1.34
5 Starter Phil Hughes 27 R 177 55 12 146 0 4.58 1.27
Closer Mariano Rivera 43 R 55 6 2 51 31 2.78 0.98

Crackerjack Fantasy Options: Everyone listed has some fantasy value. If they didn’t, they wouldn’t be here. But the big plays are Sabathia, Kuroda, and Rivera. Pettitte, Nova, and Hughes will probably get some wins, but I’d only use them for spot starts. The Yankees had a middle of the road bullpen last year, are losing Rafael Soriano, and the hitters that have provided that great run support over the years are old and beaten up. I just don’t trust their second-tier pitchers for a full season of quality fantasy value although again, any Yankee is good for a short-term fix.


Fantasy Star: Cano

This team has several players who have good to great fantasy value, but Cano gets the nod here for a few reasons

  1. He plays second base.
  2. Age and injuries aren’t a concern in the way that they are with almost every other teammate. The few others that aren’t old yet all have glaring holes in some categories.
  3. He’s been one of the best fantasy players at any position for several years now.
  4. That park is a left-handed power hitters dream. Cano is a left-handed power hitter.


Fantasy Bust: Mark Teixeira

I’ve covered A-Rod, while Nash has given his take on Youkilis, but the name that I keep coming back to is Mark Teixeira.

Make no mistake, Teix will get his homers, but his cumulative average over the last three years has been just over .250 and not headed in the right direction. At the first base position, I just don’t see enough overall value to believe that anyone should go hard after him.


Fantasy Sleepers: Eduardo Nunez, Brett Gardner

When you consider that the Yankees are an American League team that of courses uses the DH, Eduardo Nunez will likely get plenty of at-bats. A-Rod is out until at least June (I put him in there because he should still get more ABs than anyone there this year), Youkilis is injury prone, and Jeter is coming off of a big injury. Nunez should see plenty of at-bats.

But my big sleeper is Gardener, who is a stolen base machine. Also, whether he bats at the top of the order or the bottom (which is a wraparound spot in the AL), he’ll be a good bet to score a lot of runs. He’s not a great overall hitter, but not bad. There are only a few guys like Mike Trout, who steal bases and also hit for a great average. A high steals guy going over .250 is a pretty decent guy for your fantasy team. As you can see, I expect that from him.


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  • Delia Enriquez

    Fourth in the AL East? This is a joke, right? Yankees have speed, they still have some big bats and they have great pitching. If anyone thinks that the Blue Jays or the Rays or the Orioles are going to win the AL East then they need to learn you don’t win the WS on paper. Ask the Tigers or more importantly the Marlins what I mean.

    • Dixon

      First of all, the Tigers have sent the Yankees home each of the last two seasons, with the last one being a sweep.

      Every team in the division has made changes other than the Yankees, who are pretty much the same roster, only a year older. To help fill the void of one injury prone infielder, they brought in captain injury, and both players are on significant decline even when healthy. Jeter is coming off of a serious injury.

      They can hit for power and I think they will. But I don’t like how the Yankees pitching matches up with Toronto or Tampa. We see Baltimore and the Yankees basically fighting it out for third place, with an edge going to Baltimore because they’re more up and coming and the Yankees are at the end of their rope, with basically every significant player being in their 30′s, and a lot of them with a recent history of injuries.

      The AL East may be a division where the top 3 or 4 teams win plenty of games, but this team will have a problem competing at the with the teams that have improved. My initial thought was that I may eat the prediction of them in fourth place, as I’m not a Yankee fan, but I’m not a Yankee hater, either. I just like the way the other teams are built more.

      • Clave

        That’s a good way to put it. 4th place sounds bad “on paper”, but the reality is that the AL Central very well could have 4 teams with about 85-88 wins. If injuries hit you and you find yourself just 2-3 wins down and it would mean 4th place for you.

        • Dixon

          The AL Central?

          • Clave

            Oh good grief. Evidently my code word for AL East is AL Central.

  • WisBrave

    I thought the Orioles were too lucky last year. Third place could go either way between the Yanks and the Orioles. I’d give the slight edge to the Yanks at the moment’ but barely, unless the Orioles sign LaRouche. A lot of things would have to go in the Yankees favor to finish higher than third though.

    • Dixon

      I’m not sure what I think about the O’s. They barely outscored their opposition, which doesn’t look like a recipe for great repeat success. But they also had a good bullpen, which means they’re built to win close games, which means they won’t significantly outscore their opponents. Where I could see them suffering is that I think the AL East has gotten better pretty much across the board, though I still see Boston at the bottom of the barrel.

  • David C

    67 wins from four starters and they have good relief signals 90+ wins. You need to reevaluate if you expect 4th place finish.

    • Dixon

      1. I think the division will be good. I don’t think they’ll win 90 games, but I could see 4 teams in this division breaking .500. I have them and the Orioles as basically a tossup for third.

      2. The Yankees had the 14th best bullpen ERA in baseball in 2012. I hardly call that good relief. I know Rivera is coming back and while he’s older and coming off of an injury, he doesn’t worry me too much. What does concern me is the bridge to him, especially with Soriano gone. I think people make too much about Baltimore’s run differential from 2012, as they’re a team built for close games. Still, I can see NY getting by them. That’s more or less a tossup for me.

      But the Yankees are an old team, relying on a lot of players with injury history (Youk/A-Rod), or coming off of a big injury (Jeter/Rivera). I don’t see them getting by Tampa or Toronto. Also know that I’m not a Yankee hater who jumps on any reason to signal the end of their run. I just look at the team and while I think they’ll win a lot of games, I don’t see them being in the Top 2 of a very good division.