A Slow Mock Fantasy Baseball Draft

Justin Verlander Fantasy Baseball Mock DraftBelieve it or not, it’s already fantasy baseball mock draft season!  An early mock draft can help to determine draft surprises, such as players that be be out of favor or players that that are flying off the draft board faster than you might think they would. And let’s be honest here, drafting is just plain fun. Why not get a test run in as early as possible.

For these very first drafts we do a slow mock. These are helpful in that each team has up to 8 hours in between picks. This makes it simple to work a draft in between work hours or overnight. It does mean that the draft slowly meanders along for a couple weeks, but there is no rush in November. We’re simply drafting for fun and early research.

We’d like to extend one invitation to a reader. Just as we did with our Crackerjack Reader League last year, we like to take advantage of opportunities to get to know our readers, because we’re all just fantasy baseball fans at heart, right? And it’s always a great to allow others to experience drafting with Nash, whose drafting preparation and strategy could be written into an epic poem and sung by Vikings.

Couch Managers has graciously offered their first fantasy baseball drafts free of charge. Click here to access our mock draft. Password is “crackerjacks”, of course. We extend this invitation on a first come, first served basis.

Already registered for this mock fantasy baseball draft our each of the writers for this site, plus Chris McBrien of the Dear Mr. Fantasy Baseball Podcast, plus a couple of guys who are new to fantasy baseball. This gives us a nice range of experienced experts and players new to the game of fantasy baseball, which should make observing strategy very interesting.

We truly enjoyed our slow mock draft from last year and look forward to it again as we prepare for the 2013 fantasy baseball season. As the 2013 season draws closer we intend to participate in other, faster mock drafts to really zero in on draft surprises this year, and we’ll perhaps open a couple of those to readers as well.

So who will go off the board first this year? Mike Trout? Miguel Cabrera? Ryan Braun? Maybe a dark horse candidate like Robinson Cano or Andrew McCutchen? Please join us and find out!

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