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I have been serving on Jury duty for the last week and a half, which made me think back to one of my favorite movies, “12 Angry Men.” Those day dreams inspired this list of the 12 angriest men I have seen in professional baseball, currently or in the past.

C – AJ Pierzynski
Ok no doubt if you have ever seen A.J. Pierzynski play you know he is as firey as they come.  My brother loves to recall the time when AJ struck out and he turned to the Ump and completely lost it on him.  I bet you’re thinking, “but plenty of guys do that…”  You’re right, but this time in particular Pierzynski had struck out swinging.

1B – Pete Rose
Oh Charlie hustle. Nothing needs to be said about Pete Rose, but I’m gonna say it anyway.  This is a guy that once ran over a catcher in an ALL-STAR game for Pete’s sake!  (Catch what I did there?)  This guy essentially embodied every saying about playing hard: balls to the wall, leave it on the field and it ain’t over until it is over.

2B – Roberto Alomar
Robbie played baseball full of gusto and emotion, day in and day out.  Unfortunately his emotions came spilling out one evening when he spat on an umpire in a heated argument on the field.  This actually saddened me very much as a young guy because Robbie was one of my favorite players until that moment.

3B – George Brett
On a lighter note, I assume we all remember George Brett’s terrific freak out after he had a home run overturned due to the amount of pine tar on his bat handle.  Remember the good ole days when seeking a competitive advantage was only pertaining to equipment?!  Too much tar, scuffing the ball, corked bats…  Those were the days.

SS – Dustin Pedroia
Ok, this is a s stretch as I am not sure how much shortstop Dustin Pedroia has played in the bigs, but he was drafted as a shortstop out of ASU. It’s my list and I never pass up a chance to fawn over Dustin Pedroia.  This guy is PERFECT for Beantown. The dude can’t complete a sentence without using at least 1 explicative.  There is a great story I read a while back of a security guard not admitting Pedroia into the stadium (must’ve been an away game) and Dustin replies: “Buddy, I’m the %&$#ing guy that took your middle reliever deep yesterday!

LF – Moises Alou
Moises Alou may not be remembered as an emotional player, but his epic freak out over the “Bartman” situation is one I will never forget.  I feel like he was moments away from climbing the rail into the crowd to snatch the ball from said “stu-per fan”!

CF – Juan Gonzalez
Recently I was texting with Dixon remembering a time when I was watching Juan Gonzalez on TV, yelling toward the official scorekeeper about a hit of his that was scored an error.  He eventually got the scorekeeper to change their call. Don’t mess with Juan Gone, especially when a batting title is on the line!

RF – Bo Jackson
I actually cannot find a guy with a more friendly disposition than Bo Jackson in all of sports.  But if you break a bat over your knee and you make the list!  (Editor’s note: See also Bradley, Milton.)  Let’s ask Brian Bozworth how angry Bo was in pads.

DH – Delmon Young
Unfortunately, MLB has a policy against fun and won’t allow it’s clips to be used. But I did find this. Let’s not forget that Delmon Young recently got charged with a hate crime in NY. I hope he can begin to mature as a person and a player, because the kid has some serious anger issues.

SP – Nolan Ryan
Can you ever get tired of recalling the day Nolan Ryan showed Robin Ventura how the good ole boys do it?! With all due respect to Robin Ventura – who was a great player in his own right – because I actually love the job he is doing in Chicago this season.

RP – John Rocker
Rocker was about as dumb as they come and he proved it consistently with really culturally insensitive comments while speaking about riding the F train in New York city.  Rocker always looked like he was chomping on a mouth full of rocks during game times. Maybe he was catching pieces that fell from his brain cavity.

Manager – Ozzie Guillen
Ozzie Ozzie Ozzie, you are known to ALL as a firecracker in the clubhouse and we were certainly excited about the chances of you taking the spotlight away from the new stadium and huge signing of Jose Reyes, but did you have to be controversial so quickly?!

I hope none of the examples I posted here were offensive. They were certainly not meant to be!  But things like Robbie Alomar spitting on an Ump or Delmon throwing his bat in protest are things that I would NEVER want my future kids to imitate.

With that thought I am reminded of a quote that I believe is sometimes credited to George Santayana:

“Those who ignore the past are doomed to repeat it.”

Can you think of the 13th angriest man that I may have missed? Share with us in the comments.

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