It's time to assess your fantasy baseball team.

Kansas City Royals right fielder Jeff Francoeur (21)
We are a full month into the season. On some assorted players we still have too small a sample size to make any concrete conclusions, we can certainly begin to assess our teams and see how we match up.

Just because you are middle of the pack or worse in your league(s) doesn’t mean it is time to blow up the squad and start over.  In fact, the very opposite may be true.  Sometimes you really need to let things play out for the long haul for your off-season work to pay off!

In some leagues I have a strategy that I feel my teams are still primed for a run at the title, despite being bottom third of teams or middle of the pack.  In others I have made a few trades to ensure I can gain some ground I feel that I am losing.

In one league standard 5×5 league I have made about 3 trades recently and had to drop and add some players.  In a league like this there is much less advanced strategy on who to pick up and what to go after because counting stats rule in a standard 5×5.

So I went after a guy that I believe is gonna be scary down the stretch if he comes close to his projected numbers for the year: Albert Pujols.  He is off to the worst start of his career and he may in fact max out around 35 homers. But if he can still mash 40 and the rest of that lineup gets going around him I will get almost a full season worth of stats in 5 months.

In a 5×5 standard league a guy like Pedro Alvarez is very valuable when he is on the upswing as well.  I am in leagues that count Ks against hitters and in those leagues I won’t touch Pedro, but with an injury to Kevin Youkilis in a 5×5 – and  without better options – I was glad to pick him up for 15 days or so.

In a couple other leagues I have the appearance that perhaps I am punting some categories, such as pitching counting stats, which tends to be a riskier play.  However, I firmly believe that if I can exhibit a little more patience I will have a better sense if my strategy will work or not.

The point of all this is to say that you need to play each league separately.  That is the beauty and the pain of having multiple teams in fantasy baseball, because each league can be VERY different.

So let’s leave it with a focus a standard 5×5 league:

  1. Don’t fall too far behind in hitting. Hitters are harder to come by towards the end of the season.
  2. Make sure you monitor your pitching limits closely. If you are loaded with pitchers, or streaming a ton already, you may be in danger of maxing out your starts way too early, and that will hurt you in the end.
  3. Keep an eye on the June call ups. If you are middle of the pack you should at least have 1 or 2 guys you can dump for a spark from a rookie call up.  Imagine if you would have parted ways with a guy like Jeff Francoeur for Bryce Harper a week ago.


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