An Exception to the Fantasy Baseball Rules

Washington Nationals right fielder Jayson Werth (28)
I believe that Clave, Dixon and I have made our feelings known about how much more valuable hitters are than pitchers in fantasy baseball.  It is typically very hard for any of us to trade a hitter for a pitcher that aren’t at least a couple tiers away from each other.

However, with anything, there is an exception to the rule.  Recently I have started trading off hitters for pitchers based on 2 simple reasons:

  1. I was super light on pitching and
  2. I was loaded with a surplus of hitters.

In one league I was offered Matt Cain for Mike Moustakas and Jayson Werth.  At first glance I was like, “Man, that’s too much”, then I realized the recently acquired Werth would never play for me as long as Shin Soo Choo and Billy Butler remain healthy.  So he was VERY expendable. Likewise, as soon as Youkilis is back healthy Mous goes to the bench, and if I trade him I just slide Mike Aviles (lord bless his position flexibility) to 3B.

I decided to roll the dice and counter offer asking for Cain and Zack Cozart in return for Werth and Moustakas. Luckily the guy didn’t take much time to ponder before accepting because Werth ended up breaking his wrist hours later. So I feel bad about the bad luck of my trade partner, but how was I to know Werth would be hitting the DL?!

In our Crackerjack Readers League I actually traded Dixon Matt Holliday and Shaun Marcum for Logan Morrison and Matt Cain (do you see a theme here?).  I knew that he couldn’t resist Matt Holliday even for his beloved Matt Cain, and I actually like Lomo a lot as well.  It was a solid “give a little to get a little” trade, confirmed by a text from Clave shortly after it was accepted.

If people were to email me an Ask Nash about these trade for themselves I would hope (and definitely send a follow up email if omitted) that you would explain to me your league structure and your teams rosters so I could understand your team’s needs and surplus areas.

Because on face value I would not have made these trades in the preseason.  However, when you get a full month into the season it is OK to loosen the reigns on some rules/guidelines the fantasy owner should live by.

You certainly do not want to be the guy half way through the season (or later) with a glut of hitters on the bench and 1s across the board in pitching because you were unwilling to come down in your asking price for hitters that are essentially going to waste on your bench.

Sometimes you need to create an exception to your rules in order to put yourself in the best position to win!

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