Should you be worried about Giancarlo Stanton?

Giancarlo Stanton

Giancarlo Stanton has gotten off to a start that times out about as quick as Jim Thome to first base. Considering the draft pick it took to get him, should you be worried if you rostered him on your fantasy baseball team?

Short answer: No.
Long answer: Noooooooooooo. [I realize I've now used this same joke twice. I don't regret it. Editor's note: We do.]

Here are four reasons why big Mike Giancarlo Stanton will be heating things up shortly:

1. Stanton is in, by far, in the best shape of my life. True, his knee has been an issue and it’s been said that he’ll get the occasional day off to rest it. But Stanton was weaned on steak as a baby. It’s true. Creamed vegetables, puffs, yogurt, mushed fruits – he’d throw it all back in his poor parent’s face. All he’d eat was raw meat from the time he was born until he grew into a 6’5″, 245 pound, hulk of a man.

At age 22 the body bounces back quickly. Doctors are assured because there is no damage to the ligaments. He’ll rub some dirt on it an it will be fine. He played 150 games last season; temper those down to 140-145 to give him the extra rest and you’ll still be pleased.

2. Stanton looks like a beast and works like a beast. In terms of man-crush worthy, Stanton is second to only Yoenis Cespedes (Here’s proof.) He is known for a strong work ethic and great focus on improving his game.

This from Marlins hitting coach Eduardo Perez:

“Watching his work ethic, you know he’s going to get better,” Perez said. “He’s a man that’s never going to be satisfied. That passion and hunger in players, you don’t see it a lot. You see the focus in the cage. You see the desire in the clubhouse. I can tell you that for his entire career he’s not going to be satisfied. He’s going to be hungry. He’s got all the tools and then some. He’s learning like a sponge and it’s awesome.”

He also takes full responsibility for the amount of work he needs to do, and sets a high bar for himself. Here is a tweet from the man-child himself:

3. Stanton is known to heat up as he goes. A slow(ish) start isn’t anything new for Stanton. If you look at his last couple of years by the month, you’ll see this played out.

Last year he had exactly 1 home run in April, only to belt 9 in the month of May. His average also climbed 30 points as the season progressed to go with a huge increase in SLG.

This is a young player with only 491 ABs in Double A, the highest level he played before jumping into the Majors. A slow start is understandable and he’ll heat up as the season wears on.

4. It’s a small sample size. Stanton doesn’t look lost and he’s getting good wood on the ball. It’s just a matter of time. (Remember, we have another slow starter, Albert Pujols, who also is waiting for his first homer.)

You can tell that Stanton will hit a ton out by looking at his career statistics or by simply using an old trick called using your eyeballs to watch him play. First game of the season and Nash texted me that Dixon watched Stanton pound a ball that surprisingly was caught on the warning track.

Remember, we are talking centimeters here. A tiny adjustment and the power that can be seen and heard will go from warning track to 450 ft in the stands.

The numbers will play out over the course of a long fantasy baseball roto season. Be patient. Keep him in your lineup.

And if another owner is in a panic then by all means buy-low on Giancar-lo.

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