Fantasy Baseball Call Up Report: Parker and Bauer

First of all, I don’t know why I used a picture of what could be Alexander Graham Bell’s telephone to introduce the next generation of fantasy baseball prospects, but there you have it. It makes the kind of sense that doesn’t.

But from now on when you see the above graphic you’ll realize that there is a fantasy baseball rookie or two that has just gotten the call or will soon be getting the call to the Majors. We’ll do this at least every couple of weeks, so plan to free up a roster spot or two, faithful fantasy baseball reader.

Today we’ll look at two pitching prospects, one who has just got the call up and a second that seems like the call up to the Majors could be seconds away.

Jarrod Parker
Jarrod Parker will start Wednesday for the Oakland Athletics. Parker was the A’s top prize when they traded Trevor Cahill to the Diamondbacks. 

Parker is 23, right-handed, and listed as 6’1″, 195. He’ll be the next great A’s pitcher to be traded away for prospects in the next couple of years, but first Billy Beane has to show him off. 

He’s already gotten his obligatory Tommy John surgery out of the way and his fastball peaks at 96 and sits at about 93. What is great is that his changeup has been pure money and he gets misses with his slider. That gives him the minimum three pitches to spell success as a major league starter.

He’ll be pitching in pitcher-friendly Oakland and he has a knack for keeping the ball on the ground. His walk rate needs to come down.

For fantasy purposes I wouldn’t race out to roster him. I don’t think he’s worthy of a roster spot in shallow leagues, that is until you see a start or two. He won’t rack up the wins with Oakland and the walks might initially hurt the WHIP, but he should K at least 7 per 9.

He’s a talent, enough to make a sneaky Rookie of the Year run, but keep an eye on him before you react to make sure he’s ready.

Trevor Bauer
Trevor Bauer is the reason why the Diamondbacks could let loose of Parker (although not the only reason).

I love this guy, for the fact that he’s like baseball’s version of a mad scientist as much as for his talent. He can throw about 100 pitches for strikes (actually, no exaggeration on 19), including a few that were invented like “the bird” (a spitter with the middle finger raised) and his version of the screwball.

The reason why the number of pitches that Bauer throws if relevant to fantasy baseball is because Bauer absolutely loves to pitch a baseball. He’s an absolute student of the game, going as far as making instructional videos of his pitches. He has incredible talent, loves what he does, and does nothing but study to get better at it.

He has a .40 ERA and 28 strikeouts in just over 22 innings at Double A, but the walk rate needs to come down. He has sick potential.

So much potential that – despite having just 48.1 innings of minor league experience to his name – he’ll be called up soon. He’s already better than 40% of the Arizona rotation and with Daniel Hudson‘s injury I suspect the call could come in the next couple weeks. Give the call 6 weeks to be safe.

If you can free up a roster spot he’s someone who is absolutely worth stashing for his K potential alone. Worse case scenario is you have the guy with 19 pitches on your roster to root for and you can play the new game that’s sweeping the nation: “Trevor Bauer: Guess that Pitch!

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  • Joe

    Hi everyone hope all is well , I have yet another question as you guys have given great advice thus far figured I would ask again

    I have Daniel Hudson in a league and as you know he could be out a while ( not sure ) any advice on how to replace him ?

    its a pretty deep league and my pitching staff is average at best I have
    - Gallardo
    - Matt Moore
    - Daniel Bard
    - Bartolo Colon
    - Daniel Hudson (DL)
    a guy has been offering me tradees for Mike Trout but I havent accepted any trades for him as I was hoping he would make up for steals when Ellsbury went down

    so do you guys have any advice as to how to replace Daniel Hudson ? there asre some decent options on the waiver wire such as
    - R.A. Dickey
    - Jake Arietta
    - Ivan Nova
    - Jason Vargas
    - Ross Detwiller
    - Carlos Zambrano
    just to name a few so any advice or should I try and trade Trout and or Pena ?

    thanks guys I appreciate your help

    • Dixon

      Are you in a league with a transaction limit? If so, what is it?

      I have a suggestion or two with what to do, but that’s something that could alter my opinion.

  • Joe

    no there is no transaction limit However there is an INNINGS PITCHED cap which is 1350 for the season not sure if that will or wont alter your opinion though

    • Dixon

      Ok. You have a pretty good rotation. In a deep league, I would call that rotation better than average. My advice would be to stream that spot, based on good matchups. Bring in a guy a week for 1-2 starts (which is what you would expect from Hudson anyway), going week to week.

      Of that group that you listed, I would grab Arieta, at least for this week. His next start is scheduled for Friday against a fairly unimposing A’s lineup. After that, take a look at the waiver wire at some of the top names. In most leagues, you can click on the player’s name and it will tell you who the next start is against. Look for good matchups.

      All of the other pitchers you mentioned are in rough starts for their next one.

      Basically, this is the short way of what I am trying to say. You won’t find a pitcher as good as Daniel Hudson. But if you have the spot available, going week to week, you can bring in a bunch who will give you a similar output.

      Starting next Monday, I am going to start a weekly column giving readers advice on some names to pick up. My plan is to do 3 names a week, and at least one will always be a pitcher, probably 2 in most weeks. Hopefully that can be a good idea for you as you move forward. Arieta is not a guy to rely on long term (AL East is murder on pitches), but the A’s lineup is a pretty favorable one.

      • Joe

        ok cool thanks for the advice , just picked up Arieta also in this league we count SAVES and HOLDS ( which holds is a difficult category to prdict I think )

        I am sure you already know Relief Pitchers were flying off the board on draft day so I was only able to get
        - Joel Hanrahan
        - Jon Rauch
        - Chad Qualls
        - Vinny Pestano
        I read an article about this David Phelps guy from NYY and how he can be valuable in a roto league

        any thoughts ??

        • Dixon

          I would be lying if I said I knew a lot about him. Clave is much more up on prospects/new major leaguers than Nash or myself, so I would like to hear what he has to say on him.

          I will say that the Yankees are going to win a lot of games, so in a league that values holds, their middle/late inning relief pitchers would be valuable.

          • joe

            I don’t know much about Phelps either I just read an article about how he can help your team in a roto league, so any thoughts anyone may have would be appreciated

        • Clave

          Meh on Phelps. Not that he’s bad (although the Yankees certainly have pitchers with better stuff that will get a cup of coffee this year), but it’s just that I don’t see him having a long leash on a rotation spot.

          Sure, they are monkeying around with Phil Hughes and possibly Garcia, but Pettitte will be in the mix soon.

          There are so many other pitchers out there with his (or better skill sets) that I wouldn’t risk him for more that a fantasy spot start or two, playing match-ups.

  • Clave

    UPDATE: Parker looked good in his first start. 6.1 innings, one run, 5 strikeouts.