R.A. Dickey: Get him while he’s hot!

RA Dickey

Folks, I have to admit to being a little confused about something, and I am really looking for your help. I guess the best way to get an answer is to just ask the question, so why is R.A. Dickey not on more fantasy rosters?

As of right now, he’s owned in less than 10 percent of ESPN leagues. This is puzzling, to say the least. I know that I have written that I like to stockpile depth in pitching, and also stream. While those strategies have worked for me, others do have different strategies, that’s fine.

With Dickey, we’re not just looking at a guy to stream in against a bad offense, or to add depth. This guy is good. Let’s take a look at Dickey’s overall production in his two years as a Met, and you can judge for yourself.

2010 11 104 2.84 1.19
2011 8 134 3.28 1.23


We can start with the negatives. The main one is that the Mets are likely going to be a distant fifth place in the National League East. All four of their rivals have been pegged as at least good threats to win the division, while the Mets are more in the “If everything breaks right, they could win about 80 games” range.

Expecting anything more than about 12 wins would be being optimistic, and I only give that number because he’s currently 2-0 in only two starts.

The strikeouts aren’t great, but I don’t see that as an overall negative. See, with very few exceptions, guys who strike out a lot of hitters also walk a lot of hitters. There are exceptions, but those are elite names, and I don’t think that writing about Roy Halladay is going to do anyone any good, it’s not like he’s available to you.

But Dickey hardly walks anyone, hence a low WHIP. While he will occasionally allow some hits, the ERA shows that those don’t tend to score. Citi Field is still a nice pitcher’s park, and he plays half of his games there.

While knuckleballs do get hit, it’s usually not very hard. You can dink and dunk your way to a few hits, but it’s extremely hard to turn those into serious run-scoring rallies without a shot to the gap, or at least a clean shot to the outfield. Dickey doesn’t allow many of those, so not many runs cross the plate.

I’ll tell you what else Dickey does, because the ERA and WHIP are so reliably low. With a guy like that, you can afford to bring in guys on teams like the Red Sox and Yankees. These pitchers will win a lot of games, but it’s doubtful that they will have a low ERA or WHIP. Look at the currently injured John Lackey’s 2011 season. His ERA and WHIP were abysmal, but still managed 12 wins.

You can mold Dickey along with one of those types into a pretty decent duo.

Now, if you’re in a league with me, you’re out of luck. If Dickey was available after the draft, I nabbed him. But if you’re in what appears to be many other leagues, there is a very reliable arm in many different formats waiting to be claimed. I wouldn’t waste much time doing so.

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