Replacing Jacoby Ellsbury

Alejandro De AzaLast week I wrote about how I disagreed with Jacoby Ellsbury being touted as an MVP type fantasy baseball player.

Even though I never saw a shoulder subluxation coming,(because I just would have said, “dislocation,” like a normal person)  I didn’t say he was not valuable to your fantasy baseball team. In fact, he was very valuable and now we have to try to replace him with waiver wire guys.

This is no short order. It was reasonable to expect Jacoby to be a 20/40 guy and a lock for 110 runs scored.  So where are we gonna find a guy in free agency that can get us remotely close to those numbers?


Well here are some guys that might still be available in your leagues:

  1. First is the hot outfielder Alejandro De Aza. He’s currently RF eligible but needs just 3 more appearances to gain CF eligibility for those that need it.  He is hitting well, getting on base even more, can run and is hitting leadoff for an offense that is better than I expected.  I nabbed him in one of my leagues already. In our CrackerJack 5×5 reader league he was already rostered before I could get him so the word is out.
  2. Second is a guy who is off to a slow start but is starting to come alive: Brennan Boesch.  He is hitting 2nd so he may not get you over 100 runs, but he could being that is hitting in front Miguel Cabrera and Prince Fielder!  Also, hitting second means that he will get you closer to Jacoby in the RBI column than most other options.  Unfortunately, he probably won’t be as useful in the steals column.
  3. Third is Jordan Schafer. He is also dealing with a little injury issue right now, but if he avoids missing time he could be a nice option replacing Ellsbury in terms of steals, even on a terrible team like Houston.

Now let me be clear, these guys are nothing better than band-aids for the Jacoby size wound to your lineup. All are short term if Ellsbury misses just the initially thought 6-8 weeks.

Here’s what I would do: pick up one of these guys, hope you guess right on which one will stay hot longest, and try to couple them with probably a pitcher to get a legit replacement.  Try Drew Stubbs, Desmond Jennings or even the still injured Carl Crawford (if LF, CF doesn’t matter) as they would be great additions in the short and long term and are guys you’d love to have alongside Ellsbury upon his return.

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  • Andrew

    I don’t like how the league you already nabbed him in is the one I’m in with you…
    This website is useless for me- it’s like getting advice from my competition.

    If only there were jerseys I could buy on here..

  • Nash

    Sorry Brah…I’ll email my rough drafts from now one at a dollar a piece…and yes…jerseys would be awesome!

    • Clave

      Andrew, did I just read correctly that you will now pay Nash $1 each to edit his drafts? I like that deal.

  • Clave

    I smell collusion. Or maybe it’s Drakkar Noir.

  • Joe

    not sure if I am suppose to add a comment here or what the deal is exactly , anyway I like your site I just found it today and am impressed , I also love fantasy baseball so I will be following you and your site the rest of the way

    anyway I have Ellsbury in a league ( probably shouldn’t have taken him ) w/ my # 1 pick I know never to pay for a career year but I got suckered in , my question is would Alex Presley from Pittsburgh be a decent replacement its a pretty deep league and I have decent power on my team I need to make up for the steals I lost when Ells went down so what do you think of Presley ????

    • Nash

      Hey Joe,

      Thanks for the comment and thanks in advance for the continued readship!

      Certainly if the above guys are gone I would take a good look at Presley, he is hitting lead-off so if he and the guys behind him get going he could put up some adequate Jacoby fill in numbers…

      Also you could look at Jordan Schafer and/or Michael Brantley…

      • Nash

        Oh and regarding Ellsbury as the Number 1 pick, don’t worry. It’s the same sort of risk as taking Kemp at 1 coming off a career year. You don’t know if they can or cannot repeat. If they do repeat than it’s a GREAT pick, if not, well this is about 50% luck anyway.

        • Joe

          Schafer is gone , you really think Brantley will run enough to make up for steals ?
          I live in Cleve and am forced to watch that nonsense they call a baseball team and am not quite sure on Brantley

          • Nash

            Well over the long term of this season I’d probably go with Presley now. I like Brantley, and was high on him getting the lead off spot with Sizemore out.

            I think he can steal 25 bags if he could get on base that is. He’s average is too close to the Mendoza line right now BUT he has taken more the twice the walks as Presley. (5 in this early season lol)

            It comes down to who will be the lead-off hitter for their team longer and that probably goes to Presley.

  • Joe

    cool thanks for the info I appreciate it although my league does count OBP as a category , even so I think I will stick w/ Presley