Fantasy Baseball: Roll Back 7 Years

Who were the top fantasy baseball performers seven years ago?

Since it’s my wife and my 7th wedding anniversary today, I thought I’d roll back the clock 7 years to remember who was dominating fantasy baseball back in 2005, the year that the White Sox won the World Series by sweeping the Houston Astros.

Let’s go hitters first, then pitchers. Alex Rodriguez, Albert Pujols and Andrew Jones were the league leaders in WAR and some of fantasy baseball’s top performers, but let’s walk through each of the standard 5×5 stats.

Batting Average: Derrek Lee (ChC) .335, Placido Polanco (2Tms) .331, Michael Young (Tex) .331, Albert Pujols (StL) .330, Miguel Cabrera (FLA) .323

Runs: Albert Pujols (StL) 129, Alex Rodriguez (NYY) 124, Derek Jeter (NYY) 122, Derrek Lee (ChC) 120, David Ortiz (Bos) 119

Home Runs: Andrew Jones (ATL) 51, Alex Rodriguez (NYY) 48, David Ortiz (Bos) 47, Derrek Lee (ChC) 46, Manny Ramirez (Bos) 45

RBIs: David Ortiz (Bos) 148, Manny Ramirez (Bos) 144, Mark Teixeira (Tex) 144, Alex Rodriguez (NYY) 130, Andrew Jones (ATL) 128

Stolen Bases: Chone Figgins (LAA) 62, Jose Reyes (NYM) 60, Scott Podsednik (ChW) 59, Juan Pierre (FLA) 57, tie Carl Crawford (TB) and Rafael Furcal (ATL) 46

Other names were very familiar, such as Todd Helton leading MLB in OBP (.445), Ichiro Suzuki having the most singles (158), and Adam Dunn having the most strikeouts (168).

The NL Rookie of the Year was Ryan Howard with a 52 22 63 .288 line in 88 games. Miguel Tejada was the All-Star game MVP, where he played with such standouts as David Eckstein (STL), Morgan Ensberg (HOU), Luis Castillo (FLA), and Shea Hillenbrand (TOR). Jermaine Dye was the World Series MVP, where he carried teammates such as Carl Everett, Juan Uribe, and Geoff Blum.

Fantasy hitting numbers were elevated obviously, and many of the top performers were linked in some form to PEDs, but they had already began to stabilize after the Steroid Era spike.

Roger Clemens, Dontrelle Willis, and Johan Santana were the WAR leaders. Let’s walk through the standard 5×5 fantasy baseball stats:

WINS: Dontrelle Willis (FLA) 22, tie Chris Carpenter (StL) and Bartolo Colon (LAA) 21, Roy Oswalt (Hou) 20, tie Chris Capuano (Mil) and Jon Garland (ChW) and Cliff Lee (Cle) with 18

Strikeouts: Johan Santana (Min) 238, Jake Peavy (SD) 216, Chris Carpenter (StL) 213, Randy Johnson (NYY) 211, tie Doug Davis (Mil) and Brett Myers (Phi) and Pedro Martinez (NYM) with 208

ERA: Roger Clemens (Hou) 1.87, Andy Pettitte (Hou) 2.39, Dontrelle Willis (FLA) 2.63, Pedro Martinez (NYM) 2.82, Chris Carpenter (StL) 2.83

Whip: Pedro Martinez (NYM) 0.95, Johan Santana (Min) 0.97, Roger Clemens (Hou) 1.01, Andy Pettitte (Hou) 1.03, Jake Peavy (SD) 1.04

Saves: Chad Cordero (Was) 47, tie Bob Wickman (Cle) and Francisco Rodriguez (LAA) 45, tie Trevor Hoffman (SD) and Mariano Rivera (NYY) and Joe Nathan (Min) with 43

American League Cy Young winner was a svelte Bartolo Colon! Read that last sentence again. Chris Carpenter was the NL Cy Young winner and Huston Street picked up the Rookie of the Year award with Oakland, who subsequently flipped him for prospects, of course. Livan Hernandez lead the MLB in innings pitched with 246.1 and Mark Prior led the league with a 10.1 K/9 rate.

There you go, a quick look at the players who helped lead their fantasy baseball teams to domination in 2005!

Happy Anniversary Danielle. I love you and thank you for letting me be obsessed with fantasy baseball.

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