Ask Nash: How does my team look?

Nash, can you please evaluate my 2 teams?!
Hunter in Plymouth, MN

First team is a 15 team 7×7 Roto style league.

Hitting categories: Runs, HRs ,RBIs, BBs, -Ks, Steals, AVG
Pitching categories: -BBI, Ks, Ws, SVs, HDs, ERA, WHIP

C- Yadier Molina
1B- Mark Teixeira
2B- Neil Walker
3B- Alex Rodriguez
SS- Emilio Bonifacio
LF- Brett Gardner
CF- Melky Cabrera
RF- Hunter Pence
UTL- Mark Trumbo

Bench- (none)

P- Stephen Strasburg
P- James Shields
P- Josh Johnson
P- Brandon League
SP- Jon Lester
RP- Joel Hanrahan

Bench- Brandon Morrow, Kyle Farnsworth, Rafael Soriano, Tyler Clippard

This looks like it can be a VERY successful team in a 15 team league!  Your team’s strength is definitely going to be your Balanced offense and your middle/relief pitchers, especially in a league that counts holds.

I think Tyler Clippard can be a stud in your format because of his insanely high K per 9 rate (10.6/9 is no joke). If Drew Storen goes down to injury or doesn’t perform well, Clippard will be set in the 9th inning role before you can say Bryce Harper! [Editor's note: "Bryce Harper." Oh, was that rhetorical?]

You are also looking at a comeback player of the year candidate in A-Rod AND one of my personal favorites to have a monster year: Hunter Pence.  Josh Johnson is going to have a great year if his arm is good to go.

The only guy to not expect what you saw last year is Brett Gardner. He is coming off a career year because he lead off A LOT last year. But unless Derek Jeter misses a lot of time again he will not be so lucky this year.


Second is for a 12 team 6×6 Head-to-Head style league for money

Hitting categories: Runs, HRs ,RBIs, BBs, Steals, AVG
Pitching categories: Ks, QSs, Ws, SVs, ERA, WHIP

C- Yadier Molina
1B- Mark Reynolds
2B- Ian Kinsler
3B- Jose Bautista
SS- Dee Gordon
LF- Brett Gardner
CF- Drew Stubbs
RF- Hunter Pence
UTL- David Ortiz

Bench- Corey Hart, Melky Cabrera, Justin Morneau

P- Roy Halladay
P- CC Sabathia
P- Stephen Strasburg
P- Brandon Morrow
RP- Joe Nathan
RP- Matt Capps

Bench- Colby Lewis, Ryan Dempster, Bud Norris

I like this team as well, Hunter, as your starting pitching will be tough to beat and your core batters ( Bautista, Kinsler and Pence) are awesome!

A few trouble spots I see here are your closers. It might be that 2 of the guys could lose their closer roles sooner or later this season.  However, if Joe Nathan is back to his former self he will be fine and there isn’t exactly anyone in the Twins bullpen lying in wait for the closer job if Capps starts out slow.

I’d also like to see a little more positional flexibility on your bench. But if Justin Morneau can return to his MVP form from a few seasons ago your team will be a force!

Best of luck man!

(Remember, just leave a comment if you’d like Nash to take a look at your team.) 

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