Spring Training Watch: Heyward and Utley

Jason Heyward Will he bounce back?
2 seasons ago we all bid on or drafted the big time young prospect Jason Heyward.  Personally I waited out the beginning madness in our auction to nab this kid as trade bait because play with half a dozen guys from the ATL.  It turned out well because I flipped Heyward for David Wright.  Then there was last season where I was more than happy to not have kept him on my team.

However, I doubt Heyward struggles like he did last year.  He is young, in a good line-up on a contending team and has plenty of veteran leadership to draw upon.  Heyward will most likely not be needed in the heart of the order with such guys as Martin Prado, Freddie Freeman, Brian McCann and Dan Uggla in the mix.  With less pressure batting 6th or 7th in the order I will be watching Heyward to see if he is in line to hit an under the radar 20/20, which I do believe is highly likely!

So far this spring it looks like my optimism about Heyward isn’t unfounded. Chipper Jones says, “I wondered why last year the ball didn’t jump off the bat like it did the year before, so I went back and looked at tapes of him in April 2010 when he was just killing it. We showed it to him. He has made the adjustment. The ball is jumping now like it did in 2010.” There you have it, straight from the Chipper’s mouth.

Chase Utley Is he healthy?
Well Chase Utley hasn’t played an inning at second base this spring, and as a guy that kept Utley in one of his leagues that is of major concern.  The early reports were that Utley would be rested to help save him for the season.  However at this stage it would be nice to have seen him at least play a few innings.

It was also stated at the start of camp that Chase would be dealing with his knee ailments for the remainder of his career. Perhaps the Phillies are being overly cautious with their star second baseman or maybe his knees just won’t hold up at this point, either way this spring hasn’t given reason for optimism.

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