3 More Fantasy Baseball Auction Tips

A couple weeks ago I shared 3 fantasy baseball auction tips with you. With the wild west unpredictability of an auction it’s always helpful to have another bullet in the chamber. Here are three more for you to add to your arsenal:

1. Play a Homer – I don’t mean bid higher on home run guys, I mean home town favorite homer. If you are in a league with a couple guys who are die-hard Cubs fans then use that to your advantage. Say you already have Elvis Andrus as your shortstop and it is your turn to nominate a player. Nominate Starlin Castro. The Cubs fans will sell their grandma’s gold earrings to draft him, meaning you are running them out of money. Know who your league mates’ favorites are and if you don’t want them then drive up the price for them.

2. No Two Auctions are Ever Alike This is just a tip to help you manage your expectations. Just because last year’s auction featured high prices on closers doesn’t mean you can expect this year’s to be the same. Last year saw stars Robinson Cano and Joey Votto go for reasonable values? Don’t count on it for this year.

The take away is that auctions are a place where you need to keep a flexible strategy. If you come in expecting the auction to look exactly like last  year, then you’ll panic when you realize that it has a whole new flavor this time around. Keep it loose, keep it tight.

3. Blow Your Wad on Hitters Make yourself a budget and try – if possible (see #2 above) – to stick to it. But if you are missing out on the hitters you want by $3-5 each time then you need to start going for it.

Pitching depth is enough this year that you can go slightly over budget on hitters and still grab a reasonably priced, yet competitive, pitching staff late.

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