Looking Ahead: April Series’ that will Radically Alter Fantasy Standings

While the season is long, a game in April counts just as much as a game in September does, especially in fantasy. 3-for-4 with a homer and 3 RBI looks the same in any month, so does a perfect game.

These are some of the biggest series we’re going to see in the early part of the season, and they will all have a big impact on nearly every fantasy roster.

American League
Boston Red Sox at Detroit Tigers (April 5, April 6 – April 7)
You know all the names on these teams. Both at the plate and on the mound, these are two teams loaded with fantasy talent. But as this is the first series of the year for both teams, it will also tell us one other thing.

How will Miguel Cabrera play at third base?

That is going to be an important question going forward for the next several years. If he picks up third base eligibility early, I wouldn’t want to be in a race with whatever team has him.

Los Angeles Angels at New York Yankees (April 13 – April 15)
In typical American League fashion, we’re going to see plenty of big hitters. It is hard to imagine a fantasy team that’s worth anything not having at least a player or two in this series.

A nice hot streak could easily get you a nice lead early on. In a weekly head to head league, this series could easily decide a couple of matchups.

New York Yankees at Boston Red Sox (April 20 – April 22)
The problem with these games is that they tend to take a while, so you need to blot out a good chunk of time to watch a couple innings. But there’s a reason for that.

These teams score runs in bunches, which means fantasy numbers are jumping all over the place. With all of those hitters peppering the ball off of the Green Monster or trying to wrap it around Pesky’s pole, the fans in Boston are going to be treated to a lot of action. As a result, fantasy owners will, too.

National League
Philadelphia Phillies at San Francisco Giants (April 16 – April 18)
While other series have great pitchers, they are all listed largely because of their hitters, and the arms are a sidenote. You are guaranteed to get some big name arms in this one as it could possibly feature the likes of Roy Halladay, Cole Hamels, Cliff Lee, Tim Lincecum, Matt Cain, and Madison Bumgarner.

In addition to that, we are going to see the likes of Chase Utley, Jimmy Rollins, Buster Posey, and Pablo Sandoval heavily featured. It’s not quite as high profile as the AL series, but this can be just as important.

Cincinnati Reds at St. Louis Cardinals (April 17 – April 19)
The Reds have one of the National League’s better fantasy rosters. They are loaded with talent and even if they get swept in a series, Cincy will get some runs over the plate. The likes of Joey Votto and Jay Bruce will make a big fantasy impact.

On the other side, it will be interesting to see how the St. Louis hitters deal without Albert Pujols. He undeniably created a lot of chances for the hitters around him, but the big man isn’t there anymore.

It will be really interesting to see how veteran stars like Lance Berkman and Matt Holliday respond to that. They are both accomplished players, but also getting older, a little more injury prone.

Arizona Diamondbacks at Miami Marlins (April 27 – April 30)
Both of these teams have lineups loaded with sleepers, like Paul Goldschmidt, and Gaby Sanchez. They also have their fair share of stars, like Jose Reyes, Hanley Ramirez, and Justin Upton.

But more than any of that, it will be really interesting to see how all the big hitters do in the new park. That stadium is a great mystery and can really sway how a fantasy season goes for someone.

This isn’t the first series in Miami, but it is the first with this much talent. What we see here will be a nice glimpse into what to expect through the season.

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