Ask Nash: Keeper Emails

This week I’m going to show you some keeper emails I recently received, plus my responses.  Then I’ll going to add some thoughts about selecting keepers.

I get 3 keepers in a traditional snake draft where I would have to sacrifice first 3 rounds of drafting for guys.Traditional 5×5 categories. Andrew McCutchen, Tim Lincecum, Pablo Sandoval, Ryan Zimmerman, Jimmy Rollins or Ben Zobrist?
Steven in Mt. Diablo, CA

McCutchen is darn near a MUST keep in any and all situations. So I say McCutchen, Zimmerman and Lincecum, although I might keep Sandoval instead of Lincecum if your league requires an extra 1B/3B like most leagues do.

I am in a head to head 6×6 league (extra categories are BB for hitters and QSs for pitchers). I would sacrifice a top round pick for each keeper up to 3 keepers. Who should I keep?!Felix Hernandez (My favorite player) BJ Upton, Adrian Beltre, Carlos Santana, Eric Hosmer or Emilio Bonifacio (serious position flex here?!)
Chris – bored at work

Chris from bored at work (that’s a good one),
I get Bonifacio being attractive with position flex, but at the sacrifice of such a high pick you can’t keep him. Go ahead and reach for him a round early in your draft though. I’d Keep Beltre, Felix and Santana. That gives you great hitters at 3B and catcher, plus an Ace. I would feel good going into a snake with those guys.

Additional thoughts:
Just a reminder, the more info I have the better recommendation I can make.  If your league has extra categories make sure to tell me the extra categories as Chris did above.  That helps a lot, as does knowing how many teams in your league and any parameters like inning cap or minimum.

Roster layout is important, a simple: C, 1B, 2B, 3B. SS, 4OFs UTL, 4 Ps and 3 RPs or if you use seperate LF CF RF rather than OF spots makes a difference on who you should keep.

What I like to do is take the top 250-300 guy list from whatever site I am playing on and breaking it into rounds (if you are in a 10 team league draw a line at every 10 players).  The reason I use the specific site list for this is because this is how people will be in order on draft day, so you know who your league mates will be looking at when they draft.

Then I cross off instant keepers and try to figure out who will have to be dropped.  Like in the snake draft with keepers league we play in, one guy HAS to drop Clayton Kershaw because he has Miguel Cabrera, Robinson Cano and Matt Kemp, who he will obviously keep.

Another guy HAS to drop Cliff Lee as his best 3 keepers are Justin Upton, Justin Verlander and Curtis Granderson.  So the top few players that will be available at this point would be pitchers.  So in that league I might drop Tim Lincecum (even though he is without a doubt my favorite player) because it is more likely he falls back to me in round 4 and I would keep 3 hitters as our league is much more about keeping hitters.

Lastly, when you sit down and look at your 250-300 player list, if your potential keepers are not in your top 3 “rounds” of players you may want to drop them and start over.  Most likely other teams will have to drop a guy or 2 that are better than your keepers and with the extra early picks you can draft those players.  However, you need to be comfortable going into your draft, so if starting fresh would stress you out, then I will certainly tell you your best keepers.

OK, keep those questions coming!

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