How to be a Nomination Ninja in Fantasy Baseball Auctions

There are a few schools of thought on who to nominate in a fantasy baseball auction. Here are my 3 most valuable pieces of nomination advice.

1. You can drain your league mates bank rolls by nominating studs you have no interest in.

Maybe you hate the Yankees like I do, or you are keeping a stud or 2 at positions that are plentiful in the auction draft. Nominate guys like Mark Teixeira or Alex Rodriguez and watch the rest of you league go crazy for them. Hopefully you can do this a few times before you need to spend any money, and you can watch their accounts go dry, while you can save more money for when it counts.

2. Fill you bench with dollar guys early so you know you have money to burn.

If you want Scott Baker on you squad, nominate him early for a dollar and hope you get him, but if you lose him for $2 or $3 dollars then so be it. But if you get him and a few other guys to round out your bench for a dollar each, then you have a better understanding of the money you have left to go big on guys like Matt Kemp or whoever.

3. Smoke screening your nomination by nominating a guy at a higher amount.

You can do this 2 ways. Maybe nominate a guy that you don’t really want higher than $1 to make it seem like you want him. What you are hoping for here is that someone outbids you trying to run up the price on your guy, you bow out and let someone else take him for a dumb amount. Example: Ichiro Suzuki at $14, he is in his twilight, and may still provoke someone to bid that $15 thinking you know something about him that they don’t.

Another way this can work for you is that you nominate a guy at a price you want him at and hope people “call your bluff” like you were trying to be outbid.  This can work especially well on your turn right after you did smoke screen 1.  Example: People say don’t pay for saves. Maybe you decide that you want at least one stud closer, so you nominate Jonathan Papelbon at $16. Well, some people might think you are just trying to bleed them and they are smart to stick you with him, but that is what you would have paid for a stud closer.

Now the smoke screen tactic is not for the faint of heart because you can very well get stuck with a guy you didn’t want or you could lose out on a guy that you did in fact want, but as they say, “go big or go home.”

But if you can be a ninja in nomination during a fantasy baseball auction it can go a long way in you squeezing as much valuable as possible from your draft.

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