An Invitation to Post on Crackerjacks

We’ve been asked Several times to consider posting articles on from other writers. Starting today, we will accept guest posts.

We want  to keep the posts to what we do, which is to provide simple and practical fantasy baseball advice. I’ll give you some example topics for a great guest post:

  • Profiling an interesting player.
  • Sharing a helpful tip or strategy.
  • Sharing your insight in regards to a player projection or ranking.
  • Writing about your experience in a fantasy baseball league.

In other words, more of what you would find on Crackerjacks anyway. Again, we want to stay focused on what we do, but we are willing to consider fun ideas. No one wants to be stuck in a rut so we’re certainly open for something interesting. We like to think we can hit the curveball.

What your guest post can not be is an advertisement for your product or the equivalent of a sponsored post.

Check out these guides if you want a little guidance: “7 Steps to Writing a Successful Guest Post” or for the more nerdy, “7 Crucial Tactics for Writing a Radically Successful Guest Post.


  1. Your post must be original and not previously published on the web. We wouldn’t try to double dip with you, so we just ask for the same treatment.
  2. You agree not to publish it anywhere else. (Same as above, we wouldn’t cheat on you.) This includes your own blog or website, however, we encourage you to post a brief “tease” or summary on your site that links to the post.
  3. A lot of leeway here, but think between 300-800 words.
Tips to Getting In
  • Give original ideas. Give the reader some sleepers to build on, or maybe a couple of reliable studs that you think will have a bad year (Adam Dunn, 2011). Anyone can search Google and find 100 pieces in 10 seconds (conservative guess) as to why Miguel Cabrera is going to have a good year. That’s fine, we know it.

    What we want to see is someone coming out any saying that some rookie, or previous platoon player will come out with 25 homers and 100 RBI. If you want to write about someone like Miguel Cabrera or Albert Pujols, go bold. Tell is that they’re going to win the Triple Crown, or hit 60 homers, something like that. Telling the reader that “He’ll have a good year because he’s a good hitter in a good lineup” will put your reader to sleep.

    Starting a lively debate is a good thing. We would rather have a reader disagree with something we write than be bored with it. Actually, that’s an obvious understatement.

  • Be original Make yourself original. This goes in line with the previous tip, but we’re looking for a different kind of originality here. There, we wan’t original ideas. Here, we’re looking for original content.

    Be funny, be a blunt jerk, although keep it clean. But find a style that identifies you. Don’t regurgitate stats. Sure, give us the stats, but tell us what they mean in your own voice. Get the idea?

We will likely copyedit your post for grammar, punctuation, spelling, etc. We realize the irony in this, as we realize we really need a good copy editor ourselves. This just goes to illustrate that we won’t make substantial changes, and if we do we’ll email you back for approval.

We might also provide a short intro or conclusion to your post to provide context or a rationale as to why we think the post is important. We’ll make it clear these are our thoughts, not yours, and if we do this it will be to talk you up, never down.

We understand the work that it takes to write a blog post so we’ll never casually dismiss anything that is submitted. Our love runs too deep for those type of shenanigans. However, we want to make it clear that anything we publish are posts that in our sole judgment add value for our readers.

If for some reason it’s just not going to work we’ll do you a solid and give you a brief explanation as to why it wasn’t approved. You are then free to do with it what you wish, including shopping it to other sites. Fair enough?

Even though I’ve spent 450 words talking ‘guidelines’ and ‘disclaimers’ you realize that we aren’t sticklers around these parts if you’ve read our stuff. We’ll flex and we want this to be fun for both sides, we just want to take a moment to set expectations for everyone. Marriage has taught me that communication is a beautiful thing.

These will likely appear on the weekends.

If your post meets the above guidelines:

We think this will be fun for everyone! You’ll get exposure to a whole new audience, plus greater visibility around the web. That’s not too shabby.

We also will give you three links:

  1. One to your “About Me” page.
  2. One for your general blog or website.
  3. One for your Twitter username (optional).

If you are familiar with how inbound links work in determining search results and rankings, you know the benefits of the above.

Obviously, we think we make out like a bandit as well. We get to offer your great stuff to our readers!

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