3 Fantasy Baseball Auction Draft Tips

Auction drafts aren’t for children. They take drafting to a higher level with their slippery strategy. In auction leagues you can’t simply grab a magazine off the rack or download a draft kit. There are too many variables; too many moving parts to have a rigid, non-flexible strategy. You wouldn’t bring a checkerboard to a chess match, would you? Wait, I guess you would bring the board…it’s the pieces you wouldn’t…ah, nevermind.

But man, auctions are fun!

Here are 3 tips that will help you compete in your fantasy baseball auction league this year:

1. Go Broke. You aren’t playing with real money so it doesn’t earn interest. If you have money left on the table at the end of the draft, you did a poor job. If you have $34 out of your $260 budget left you could’ve spent that $34 on Ian Kinsler, Roy Halladay, or Evan Longoria. Leave the draft with a $0 balanceand a sore throheckling trash talking the other owners who left money on the table.

2. Caffeine is your friend. An auction takes considerably longer than a snake draft. Late in the draft other managers are getting tired, losing their edge. Not you. You are sharp as a tack and hanging ’til the bitter end! Because the end of an auction draft is where bargains can be found. So draft caffeinated! (Just don’t draft or drive drunk.)

3. You Got Yours! If you’ve just shelled out big bucks for a stud like Robinson Cano, then toss out a nomination for another superstar in the same position like Ian Kinsler or Dustin Pedroia. If you’ve gotten your Cliff Lee, then nominate Clayton Kershaw, Justin Verlander, or Felix Hernandez. You got your superstar, now make them get theirs. This will run your competition out of money in a position you no longer need and put you back on an equal financial footing.

What about you?  Any auction tips you want to share in the comments?

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