Friday 5: Hard Working Prospects

Every Friday we try to provide you with 5 links that will be fun and valuable fantasy baseball reads.

1. I love how nerdy Trevor Bauer is. He’s a man after my own heart. I know there isn’t a mathematical formula for measuring a man’s work ethic and his attention to his craft, but the value for Trevor Bauer would be off the charts if there was one.

2. A lot of people have questions around a player’s average draft position (ADP). A great article from the Hardball Times on Solving for ADP. (I wholeheartedly agree on Joe Mauer. In fact, I wrote how AVG is scarce.)

3. Maybe I link two many articles profiling prospects, but I think it’s important to have a good pulse on who the next generation of great players will be. This compares two great 3B prospects.

4. Jonah Keri does a great job looking at the patience of the Cincinnati Reds. Sometimes it’s not best to be the first out of the gate when it comes to signing free agents.

5. What chances to the Washington Nationals have in 2012Here’s a hopeful look. There are a lot of fantasy relevant players in the team.

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