Friday 5: All Over the Place

Our links are all over the place this Friday, but it’s nice to have a little variety in life!

1. Fangraphs wonders if you should you downgrade Valverde in your drafts? With Miggy now at 3B and the Tiger’s overall defense taking a hit you have to wonder if you should slide all Tiger pitchers down a spot or two in your drafts.

2. Fake Teams has a list of late round speed sources. And who isn’t looking for steals in the late rounds of the draft?

3. More from Fake Teams. I’m calling shenanigans on most of these predictions, but that’s why they are called BOLD. Plus, it’s just fun to read lists of bold predictions!

4. Will the addition of Albert Pujols offer protection to Howie Kendrick, giving his numbers a boost? More broadly, does lineup protection make much of a difference in fantasty baseball?

5. Full Spectrum Baseball launched this week. Hop over there and give those guys some support. (Well, after you give Fantasy Baseball Crackerjacks a good read, of course!)

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