Friday 5: Homer Links

This isn’t 5 links to articles on home runs. I’m talking homer links, as in links to great posts about my local team. It’s not wrong to be a total homer and root for the Minnesota Twins, even if they stand zero chance (Bonus link!) in the AL Central. Plus it’s the eve of Twinsfest (Bonus number two!), so let’s make our Friday 5 be all Twins, all the time. For this Friday at least…

1. Local sports write Tom Powers emails Ron Gardenhire his predictions for the Twins 25-man roster at the beginning of every January. Here’s who he thinks will crack the Twins roster this year.  Hint: It won’t include, Kevin Slowey, for this lengthy list of reasons! (Darn it, a third bonus link! I’m being too generous here.)

2. Crackerjacks just became the proud sponsor of Joe Benson, willing to do whatever it takes to support the scraps that is the Twin’s farm system. Will it be enough to help make Joe Benson be the Twin’s fourth outfielder in 2012? You decide.

3. Want a fair and thoughtful player profile for Ben Revere? It also features a brief comment exchange between the author of the profile and yours truly. Hint: I’m not as a big a Ben Revere fan, although it’s hard not to want to give the little guy a hug when he flashes that winning smile!

4. Hidden nugget of a post, discussing the Minnesota Twins’ offseason moves. Brandon Warne says the Twins worked a full count.

5. How bad were the Twins in getting on base last season? 2012 might not suck as bad as 2011.

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