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While I’m not quite ready to imagine what a Tiger’s defensive strategy will look like with Miggy at 3B (Oh look, another bunt up the third base line), but we did project the 2012 Detroit Tiger’s Lineup. We have projected quite a few other teams as well. We’ll collect them here.

San Francisco Giants 2012 Projected Lineup The Giants welcome back Buster Posey and add Melky Cabrera to their lineup. With Kung Fu Panda ready to break out and Brandon Belt making strides they should score just enough with the pitching they have.

Chicago Cubs 2012 Projected Lineup Outside of Starlin Castro, there is no way around the amount of depression this lineup induces. There are obviously going to be a lot of changes so in projecting it we tried to present at least a couple plausible solutions.

Miami Marlins 2012 Projected Lineup Really the questions are how many home runs Mike Stanton will hit with Jose Reyes on base and will Hanley Ramirez bounce back or pout over at third base.

Los Angeles Angels 2012 Projected Lineup It’s now official that the Detroit Tigers and the Angels have 95% of the world’s DHs and first basemen in their two lineups. If in addition to Albert Pujols the Angels play their young players like Mike Trout they will correct their OBP fiasco of 2011.

St. Louis Cardinals 2012 Projected Lineup Goodbye Albert Pujols, but hola Carlos Beltran. No one is claiming it’s a wash, but the Cardinals made enough moves that they should still be considered a favorite in their division.

Houston Astros 2012 Projected Lineup It will be depressing in 2012 and look for Carlos Lee to be shipped off to a contender as a mid-season rental.

Philadelphia Phillies 2012 Projected Lineup Look for Hunter Pence to shine in this otherwise ancient lineup.

Milwaukee Brewers 2012 Projected Lineup It was a shocker when Ryan Braun‘s suspension was over-turned. It also adjusted the projected stats for those who bat around him!

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