A List of All-Time Mashers

Nothing in this world beats a masher. Nothing is more attractive, but nothing can get you into more trouble.

Just to be clear about something, a masher is not someone who hits a lot of home runs. Barry Bonds and Hank Aaron hit a lot of home runs, but they were good all around hitters. No, mashers are people that live and die by the long ball.

Over the series of the next few weeks, I will be assembling different masher teams. This one is simple. We’re going with the best masher seasons of all-time. Every one of these guys is identified purely by the long ball. They have all had many good seasons, but these are the best seasons for these mashers and all of their mashiness.

The criteria for the different teams will be different. But since this is an all-time team, you are eligible for this team if each of the following applies to you.

1.In the season listed, you had to have struck out at least 100 times.

2.The season listed can’t be a .300 season.

3.You can not have logged more than one complete season where your batting average was better than .300. If you do that, you exit the masher realm and become a good hitter. Frankly, we can’t have any of that.

Todd Hundley (1996) C 85 140/540 .259 41 112 1 146
Ryan Howard (2008) 1B 105 153/610 .251 48 146 1 199
Dan Uggla (2009) 2B 84 137/564 .245 31 90 2 150
Harmon Killebrew (1959) 3B 98 132/546 .242 42 105 3 116
Jay Bell (1999) SS 132 170/589 .289 38 112 7 132
Dave Kingman (1984) OF 68 147/549 .268 35 118 2 119
Bo Jackson (1989) OF 86 132/515 .256 32 105 26 172
Reggie Jackson (1982) OF 92 146/530 .275 39 101 4 156
Adam Dunn (2004) UT 105 151/568 .266 46 102 6 195
.261 352 991 52 1385


I would call this pretty close to a dream team. Bo Jackson’s 26 steals is a little excessive, but this is otherwise a stellar masher season. The shortstop position was a little hard to draw from. It’s not a position that’s lends itself to a lot of historically mashing players. The poster boys for this team are Harmon “Killer” Killebrew and Dave “Kong” Kingman, although Ryan Howard is well on his way. But Kingman and Killebrew gave plenty of quality seasons to choose from.

Feel free to offer any suggestions on how to make this team a little more one dimensional. We’ll have another, slightly less familiar list up shortly.

  • Nash

    If Bo Jackson would not have gotten hurt don’t you think he would have gone down in history as the best professional athlete of all time?

    • Nash

      Side note; I think the creator of Wikipedia must have had Bo Jackson in mind when they formed the site, cuz Bo knows EVERYTHING!!!

  • http://fantasybaseballcrackerjacks.com Clave

    Yes, on Bo Jackson. As it stands, he still went down as the best in my heart.

  • http://dmfantasy.blogspot.com Dear Mr. Fantasy

    To me, the greatest masher of all time was Rob Deer. Allow me to present the evidence:

    Rob Deer Feats of the Year -

    .179 BA, 175 K, 25 HR

    32 HR, 64 RBI, hit a HR ever 12.3 AB

    Yes, in 1991 Deer had only 4 more points on his batting average than he had strikeouts.

    In 1992, he drove home his teamates at the same rate as he drove home himself.

    THAT, my friend, is the definition of a MASHER.

  • Steve

    Just an observation on one of these well-chosen poster boys. Dave “Kong” Kingman hitting .268 is like Ty Cobb hitting 1.000. I had no recollection that the ever hit north of .239. My memory just might be idealizing him in its nostalgic affection for his pure baseball mashing ability.

  • http://fantasybaseballcrackerjacks.com Clave

    Rob Deer is an excellent nomination! I also think he was the league leader in strikeouts multiple times, if I remember the back of my baseball cards correctly. (Remember, when the back of baseball cards had the league leader in bold or italics?)

    Players nowadays are breaking those old strikeout records left and right.

  • http://fantasybaseballcrackerjacks.com Clave

    Dave Kong Kingman must’ve choked up on the bat the year he hit .268. Surely, his intent was contact that season!

  • Nash

    I just love that we are embracing mashers with the clear flaw of bad AVG and that they strike out like it ain’t no thang…

    I hate when people say “I need a masher like Pujols or Miggy”

    Dixon is right, if you are hitting 40 bomb but hitting .300 you are just an elite hitter!

    I hate Uggla and Ryan Howard because I had them years where their Ks and AVg just killed me…

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