Friday 5: Maybe you missed something this week?

1. Jays Prospects thinks the Sergio Santos-Nestor Molina trade was pretty fair. Mark Melancon also traded teams, going to the Red Sox. Relievers are on the move.

2. Saul Ball says Pujols isn’t a villain for leaving the Cardinals. Baseball is a business. Fans expect players to be as loyal to their teams as they are, but shouldn’t players just be as loyal to their teams as fans are loyal to their jobs?

3. You looking for fantasy baseball prospects? You want them ranked and on a list, neatly numbered to 250? If yes, then Dobber Baseball has a list for you. Bummer it’s not sortable and gives little justification, but who takes it all the way to 250 nowadays? That’s bananas. Speaking of bananas, don’t get caught up in the moment and over-reach for prospects!

4. The Twins signed Josh Willingham, but which Josh Willingham will show up in Target Field. Still, a good signing for the Twins, who let Michael “Dimples” Cuddyer walk to the Colorado Rockies.

5. Finally, a little early Christmas gift for the stat nerd who had everything: a WAR calculator. Try it out. It’s simple, easy to use, and surprisingly addictive. Or am I just that nerdy?

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